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  RHEL5 / 6 Installation Notes
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Beginner Linux, written in messy disorder, to record their own learning notes, if wrong, please enlighten large cattle

1. Server generally SCIC device is the hard drive expansion slot, you can plug a lot of drives. SCIC card inserted in the hard disk, and SCIC card plugged into the motherboard, so you need to download drivers. Drive manufacturers generally found on SCIC chipset, and then to download the appropriate driver. 2.RHEL3 no SATA drive, you need to download and then install the appropriate driver. This means that no matter where your hard disk is inserted, if the film is not driven part, then, when you need to enter install Linux DD to install the system.

Linux ks kickstart Unattended Installation

3. Hard Disk

IDE device, expressed as hdXn SCSI device, expressed as sdXn X is a, b, c, d, is used to indicate the first few times the hard disk is the hard disk.

create custom layout to create a custom layout
remove all partitions no selected drives and create default layout to delete all partitions on the selected disk and create the default partition structure
remove linux partitions no selected drives and create default layout Remove linux partitions on selected disk and create the default partition structure
use free space on selected drives and create default layout disk free space using the selected and create a default partition structure

Under normal circumstances, we need three partitions, which are / boot, swap, as well as / (root directory)

swap when memory is less than 1G, the partition size is twice the size of physical memory; when the memory is greater than 1G, swap partition size equal to the memory size.

Partition table can accommodate up to four primary partitions, more, extended partition is a logical partition

RAID0 parallel writing, for example, there are two hard drives, transfer 100MB of things that are in the hard disk and hard disk B50MB A50MB respectively, for applications requiring more than the transmission speed of the machine

RAID1 file backup for each other, for example, there are two 500G hard disk, backup hard disk data B A, the advantage is a waste of disk space, a bit is data security.

RAID5 requires four hard drives do raid5, hard drive capacity will be a small reduction, but may be redundant hard disk broken.

RAID6 raid5 respect, it can be broken redundant two hard drives.

4. Install the application

 Custom installation software, services
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