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  RHEL7 system making use of OpenStack mirror
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Production RHEL7 system OpenStack use mirroring, and settings, install XRDP for remote access.

1. Install RHEL7.2 client for KVM;

2. Set the NIC to dhcp and onboot = yes, so that virtual machines can automatically obtain an IP address;

vim / etc / sysconfig / network-scripts / ifcfg-eth0

Ensure networking.

3. Check the SELinux status:

/ Usr / sbin / sestatus -v

SELinux status: enabled

expressed SELinux enabled ON state

Close SELinux:

vim / etc / selinux / config

Settings "SELINUX = disabled" and comment out the rest of the line.

You can restart the machine.

4. Review and close firewalld

The latest CentOS7 / REHL7 firewall has been updated to firewalld.

Check firewall status:

systemctl status firewalld.service

Turn off the firewall:

systemctl stop firewalld.service

Prohibit the boot:

systemctl disable firewalld.service

5. Install XRDP for remote access:

(1) Install EPEL repository

wget http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/7/x86_64/e/epel-release-7-5.noarch.rpm

rpm -ivh epel-release-7-5.noarch.rpm

(2) Installation xrdp

yum update

yum -y install xrdp tigervnc-server

(3) Start:

systemctl start xrdp.service

Allows boot:

systemctl enable xrdp.service

(4) Check whether the monitor xrdp 3389:

netstat -antup | grep xrdp

6. The compressed image file and upload it to OpenStack, open instances, if nothing else can be accessed via remote desktop.
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