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  RHEL6.4 one key installation Redmine
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Install Redmine in RHEL6.4 one key. A key installation redmine save a lot of unnecessary time. Downloads: bitnami-redmine-2.5.2-1-linux-x64-installer.run.

Proceed as follows:

[Root @ vm-redmine ~] # ./bitnami-redmine-2.5.2-1-linux-x64-installer.run
Language Selection

Please select the installation language
[1] English
[2] Spanish
[3] Japanese
[4] Korean
[5] Simplified Chinese
[6] Hebrew
[7] German
[8] Romanian
[9] Russian
Please choose an option [1]: 5

Welcome to Bitnami Redmine Stack installer.

Select the components you want to install, clear the components you do not want to install. When you're ready to continue, click Forward.

Subversion [Y / n]: Y

PhpMyAdmin [Y / n]: Y

Redmine: Y (Can not be edited)

Git [Y / n]: Y

The selection is correct? [Y / n]: Y

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Installation folder

Please select the installation folder Bitnami Redmine Stack

Select a folder [/opt/redmine-2.5.2-1]:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Creating administrator accounts

Bitnami Redmine Stack admin users to create

Your real name [User Name]: cl

Email Address [user@example.com]: ??????@qq.com

Login [user]: master

Please confirm your password:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The default configuration language data

Select the default data configuration Language:

[1] Bulgarian
[2] Czech
[3] German
[4] English
[5] Spain
[6] French
[7] Hebrew
[8] Italian
[9] Japanese
[10] Korean
[11] Dutch
[12] Polish
[13] Portuguese
[14] Portuguese / Brazil
[15] Romanian
[16] Russian
[17] Serbian
[18] Swedish
[19] Chinese
[20] Chinese / Traditional
Please select an option [19]:

Do you want to configure mail support [y / N]:? Y

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Configure SMTP settings

This is required so your application can send notifications via email.

The default e-mail provider:

[1] GMail
[2] Custom
Please select option [1]: 2

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Configure SMTP settings

This data is stored in the application configuration files and may be visible to
others. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not use your personal
account credentials.

Username []: ??????@qq.com

re-enter :
SMTP host []: smtp.qq.com

SMTP port []: 25

Secure Connection

[1] No
[2] SSL
[3] TLS
Please select an option [3]:

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The installer is ready to Bitnami Redmine Stack installed on your computer.

Are you sure you want to continue? [Y / n]: y

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Bitnami Redmine Stack is being installed onto your computer, please wait.

 ______________ ______________ 0% 50% 100%

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
The installer has Bitnami Redmine Stack installed in your computer.

Start Redmine application. [Y / n]: Y

Information: Visit Bitnami Redmine Stack, access from your browser to http: // localhost: 80.
Press [Enter] to continue:
[Root @ vm-redmine ~] #

After installing If you can not find mail, log qq mailbox, OK open smtp.

Games -> Settings -> Accounts:
POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / Exchange / CardDAV / CalDAV service
Open services:
    x POP3 / SMTP service (how to use the software Foxmail send and receive mail?)
    x IMAP / SMTP services (what is IMAP, how it is set up?)
    x Exchange Service (What is Exchange, how it is set up?)
    x CardDAV / CalDAV service (what is CardDAV / CalDAV, how it is set up?)
    x (POP3 / IMAP / SMTP / CardDAV / CalDAV service support SSL connections. How do I set?)

I applied for a qq because the new mailbox, and the contents of the above is not configured, an error: (end of file reached). Lead to toss one day.

Error (end of file reached) occurred while sending mail "redmine" test message

Open redmine:

# /opt/redmine-2.5.2-1/ctlscript.sh Restart


http: // vm-redmine: 80

Look at the configuration file: /opt/redmine-2.5.2-1/apps/redmine/htdocs/config/configuration.yml

# Default configuration options for all environments
  # Outgoing emails configuration (see examples above)
    delivery_method:: smtp

      address: smtp.qq.com
      port: 25
      domain: example.net
      authentication:: login
      user_name: ??????@qq.com
      password: ********
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