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  RPM package management under Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

An Internet download package for the packaging and installation tool, which is included in some version of linux distribution. It produces files with .RPM extension. RPM is an abbreviation for RedHat Package Manager (Redhat package management tools). Although this file format marked Redhat logo, but the original design is open-ended, now includes Linux distribution version of OpenLinux, S.u.S.E. And Turbo Linux, etc. are commonly used. It can be regarded as the accepted industry standard.

The name of the RPM package format


- "Apache": Software Name

- "1.3.23-11": software version, major version and this version

- "I386": software running on the hardware platform

- "Rpm": file extension, on behalf of the RPM package


RPM common commands

- Rpm -qa: query all rpm packages installed

- Rpm -qa | more

- Rpm -qa | grep X

- Rpm -q package name: Query package is installed

- Rpm -q xinetd

- Rpm -q foo

- Rpm -qi package names: Query package information

- Rpm -qi file

- Rpm -ql package names: Query package file

- Rpm -ql file

- Rpm -ql jdk

- Rpm -qf full pathname of the file: query the package file belongs

- Rpm -qf / etc / passwd

- Rpm -qf /root/install.log

- Rpm -qp package file name: Query package of information on the introduction of this package

- Rpm -qp jdk-1_5_0-linux-i586.rpm

- Rpm -qpi jdk-1_5_0-linux-i586.rpm

- Rpm -qpl jdk-1_5_0-linux-i586.rpm


RPM installation package

rpm -ivh RPM package full path name: the installation package to the current system

- I = install, installation

- V = verbose, tips, that is the message

- H = hash, the progress bar


Remove RPM package

Name rpm -e RPM packages

[Case] ​​rpm -e jdk

If other packages depend on the package you want to uninstall, uninstalling it will generate an error message, such as:

[Case] ​​rpm -e foo

removing these packages would break dependencies: foo is needed by bar-1.0-1

If you make RPM ignore this error continue uninstallation, use the command-line option --nodeps

[Case] ​​rpm -e --nodeps foo


Upgrade RPM packages

rpm -U RPM package full path name

[Case] ​​rpm -U cvs-1.11.2-10.i386.rpm
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