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  Select helps secure the system network management tools
  Add Date : 2016-11-26      
  In the small and medium enterprises, is responsible for managing a network administrator in general but also to protect network security personnel. Similarly, security management and network management requirements also into a broader field of network operation.

The vast amount of network management tools and expensive, but more administrators have begun to recognize the use of these tools to promote a safe value. However, the use of network management tools, enhanced security for most manufacturers is a new concept.

Most management tools to track network interfaces, server processes and network data statistics doing is good. However, by selecting the appropriate tool and used to keep your network secure, you can get the maximum benefit from network management tools.

I know what you're looking for

In the investigation of the network management tools, the best tools to keep in mind there are three key features:

A simple interface: All the information you need should be on one screen, you should not switch between different screens. For any manager needs to see this information, this interface should be Web-based and can be customized. Through the system super-user, department heads and other managers and they can rely on a customized view, these tools can become your network operating another set of monitors.

The ability to recognize normal operations: Most security-related events occur outside of the normal operating parameters of your network. Your network management tools must be able to identify different communicate properly with non-normal communication to, and it is possible to accurately report such information.

Actionable information: If you intend to use a tool to manage network security, we must be able to act in accordance with the information obtained from a screen. Other words said, you should be able to detect the correlation of security events, and use the same tools to deal with the problem.

Find the right tools

At different points in time, the most famous author spent several tools, including HP OpenView, SolarWinds Network Management Toolset, and Cisco Network Management Toolkit. These are all viable options, but I still recommend that you use Concord Communication's SPECTRUM suite of solutions.

SPECTRUM provides a simple Web-based "one-click" interface, and can be customized for a variety of users. Use SPECTRUM normal mode of communication you can build your network, and can provide a variety of reports such communication, and can receive notification messages when certain abnormal communication occurs.

In addition, SPECTRUM interface information provided is quite meaningful. It allows you to further explore the problem and find a quick solution.

For example, a company recently requested the author to solve their network performance problems. Use SPECTRUM, the author can be quickly found out that the virus is consuming most of the network bandwidth.

This is a large network, but SPECTRUM able to identify the infected computer's MAC address, and can close the corresponding switch port. Once confirmed SPECTRUM mode of communication is not normal, I would use its built-in event correlation tools to prevent infection of the entire enterprise network.


In today's corporate environment, budget and staff are highly restricted. If your network management tools can not identify normal traffic on your network, then you should try to find another tool.

Whether you choose what network management tool for your network, it must be able to provide security management functions. Select the appropriate dual-use network management tool, you will have more time to plunge into the secured network work.
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