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  Setting Squid successful anti-hotlinking
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Squid is a software used for data buffering Internet. This is accomplished by its function, to accept requests from people you need to download the target (object) and appropriately handle these requests. In other words, if one wants to download a web page, he made his request Squid this page. Squid subsequently connect to the remote server (for example: http: //squid.nlanr.net/) to request this page. Then, Squid explicitly aggregated data to the client machine, and at the same time a copy. The next time someone needs the same page, Squid can simply read it from disk, as data is transferred immediately to the client. Current Squid can handle HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, SSL, and WAIS and other agreements. But it can not handle, such as POP, NNTP, RealAudio and other types of things.

acl yhballow referer_regex ^ http: // [a-zA-Z0-9] * \ wwwaaa \ .com ^ http:.. //www.test.com ^ http: // localhost ^ http: //

acl picurl url_regex -i .bmp $ .png $ .jpg $ .gif $ .jpeg $ .rar $ .wmv $ .mp3 $ .rm $ .avi $ .asf $ .mpg $ .mpeg $ .rmvb $ .wma $

http_access deny! yhballow picurl

And allows only the domain name and www.test.com and localhost access contains wwwaaa.com of.

Note: To comment about the statement, whether self-setting does not take effect. Because this statement has allowed all of the. Or the following sentence to the following anti above statement.

#http_access allow all

If the setting does not work you can view your statements in order http_access. Must be placed in front of http_access deny all http_access allow all or statement.
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