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  Simple security measures to reinforce the Linux kernel
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  For large sites, Linux administrators should use a custom kernel. This brings the security and performance advantages more pronounced. Because we have the system administrator can select options to enhance the security of the system. Supported by prohibiting unnecessary driver support and modules, we can reduce the path to attack the system. We can also improve the Linux operating system kernel to prevent buffer overflow attacks but hardest of this highly destructive attack prevention, although such improvement requires system administrator with considerable experience and skill, but for many require high levels of security in terms of Linux system is still very necessary.

Buffer overflow is very difficult to implement because the intruder must be able to judge when a potential buffer overflow occurs and its location in memory of what occurred. Buffer overflow is also very difficult to prevent, the system administrator must completely remove the buffer overflow condition exists to prevent this form of attack. Because of this, many people even think that Linux Torvalds himself Linux security patches is important because it prevents all use of buffer overflow attacks. But require attention, these patches will also lead to the execution stack. Measures to reinforce the kernel-based, can be found on some security authority sites.
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