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  SSH Filesystem use a secure connection for network file system
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Access remote file systems There are many different implementations, some common connections than other more useful under certain circumstances. "Network File System" on the part of such a class, the Network File System software provides a way to the file system on the remote computer as part of the local file system, but in terms of how seamlessly combined, it still exists many problems. After all, the practical effect is good or bad depends on the browser interface case file system, access time is affected by the impact of network bandwidth and latency, and other factors involved in the system.

For network file system software, the most famous example is Microsoft's Common Internet File System (CIFS), which can allow Microsoft Windows "Map Network Drive" and the use of the network resource manager "Browse." Another is the first computer system developed by the Sun Network File System (NFS), as the United States Telephone and Telegraph Company developed UNIX system configuration has 15 years of history. Although there are dozens of other options, but the two systems occupy the mainstream network file system.

Even in an unencrypted network, network file encryption system can also provide secure connections for remote file system access. Encryption networks, data transmission time encryption is also a good idea. For the installation of the Openssh system, in fact it contains almost all of the open source Unix-like operating system, sshfs-ssh file system - as verifiable convenient and secure network file system that is used to access data stored on remote computer perfect

Because it is based on ssh, so you need to install and use sshFS on the client computer, then you need to install Openssh. Almost all major Linux distributions and BSD Unix operating system, the default configurations are already installed Openssh, so you will not need to install it separately. In addition, the server - you want your computer to be able to access the system from a local client file system - you need to run Openssh server process.

ssh file system is based on FUSE, the so-called "user space file system." FUSE provides a Unix-like systems API, can be used to establish a high-level file system, and can achieve security management does not require root privileges connected. Fortunately, the major open source Unix-like operating system's software management system should provide you with automatic processing functions.

When using the source code for a software-based management system, you may need to make sure to install the operating system kernel to generate time, FUSE mounting operation is correct. In the FreeBSD Ports system, for example, you can specify that all systems should be at the head of the operating system installed during setup.

Once confirmed, the system has been installed FUSE and sshFS, install the remote file system is incredibly easy to do. In fact, as long as a mount command (used to mount a local file system) and ssh command (command for opening the interface on a remote computer) to the most simple combination.

In addition to ease of use outside, sshFS also can choose a subfolder to install, and can decide to install the content. As long as you have a remote system to a given directory ssh connection, you can use secure, encrypted connection sshFS be installed locally.

According sshFS manual, use sshFS mounted remote file systems command is:

sshfs [user @] host: [dir] mountpoint [options]

Let's look at a simple example.

Allen called on a host of unruly FreeBSD server has a file containing Ogg Vorbis format music files, and he hopes to be able to directly access the folder from the Debian computer named insectmonger's own. Music file folder where the / usr / home / alan / vorbis. The folder location on the computer, he wants to be / home / alan / external. On both machines is the same as the user name, "alan". He uses the command should be:

sshfs unruly: / usr / home / alan / vorbis / home / alan / external

A simple command to complete uninstall, as specified sshfs manual page descriptions, Alan command can be used are:

fusermount -u mountpoint

Now, he can enter:

fusermount -u / home / alan / external

He could easily use the normal umount command to unmount the file system partition:

umount / home / alan / external

According syntax example manual [user @] section, [user @] is part of the sshfs command can be used to specify a user account on the remote computer, you need to "have a separate user account name" different from the remote file system access yes, you can use the user name of the local system to mount a file system.

Command syntax examples of [options] section includes more than 50 options sshfs described in the manual - far more than a single article can explain the range. One of the most common options are:

? Sshfs -h

This option provides a simple description of the syntax, if you need before using sshFS commands to quickly understand the available options then.

? Sshfs [user @] host: [dir] mountpoint -p 2002

This option may allow you to choose another port instead of the default port number 22 ssh, ssh in the server must be configured to access remote file systems are useful when using non-standard ports.

? Sshfs [user @] host: [dir] mountpoint -C

Use - C option, you can enable ssh's compression. Low bandwidth network like the Internet in high-traffic demand ,, sshfs mount by effectively reducing the time it can speed up remote file access speed.
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