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  Standard and IO redirection
  Add Date : 2016-10-09      
  1, The standard input / output / error

When the shell is started, it inherits three files: stdin, stdout, stderr, normally the standard input from a keyboard, standard output and standard error is usually the screen.
Standard input / output / error file descriptor 0,1,2

2, redirection operators

<& Redirect input, followed by a number format file descriptor

> Redirect output

>> Append output

2> Redirect error

&> Redirect error and output, followed by the file name

> & Redirection error and output, followed by the file name or file descriptor digital format

2> & 1 redirects the standard error to standard output

1> & 2 redirects standard output to standard error

> | Covering noclobber redirect output, that is, if the file exists overwrite file

<> Filename If the file is a device, put the file as standard input and standard output

3 Examples

1) The standard error is redirected to a file
$ Cc prog.c 2> errfile

2) The standard output is redirected to a file, standard error file redirected to the null device
$ Cc prog.c> logfile 2> / dev / null

3) the standard output and standard error are directed to a file or file descriptor
$ Cc prog.c &> logfile // must be a file name
$ Cc prog.c> & logfile // can be a file name or file descriptor digital format
$ Cc prog.c> & 1 // standard output and standard error will be redirected to the standard output, standard output file descriptor 1

4) The standard output is redirected to a file, the standard error is redirected to the standard output device orientation
$ Cc prog.c> logfile 2> & 1
Equivalent to
$ Cc prog.c> & logfile
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