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  Sublime Text 3 best features, plug-ins and settings
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Sublime Text 3 is an amazing software. First, it is a clean, practical, you can quickly write code editor. It not only has an incredible built-in features (multi-line editing and VIM mode), but also supports plugins, snippets, and many other things.

I know that there have been many online articles about Sublime Text 3, which is something a good thing. In this article, we will see the best part of Sublime Text 3, you may have heard of some of them, but maybe some other people do not know.

Features (Function)

Command Palette (Command Panel) ctrl + shift + p

Command panel allows you to access the settings menu, you can everything, calling the package command to change the syntax of the file, the processing Sublime project, and so on. For example, you can add Git commands, branch, commit, and push in the command panel.
Use: ctrl + shift + p

File Switching (file switch) ctrl + p

Sublime Text provides a very quick way to open a new file. Just press Ctrl + P and start typing the name of the file you want to open. Once the file is found, simply press the enter key, you can start typing directly into the files!
Use: ctrl + p

Goto Symbols (jump label) ctrl + r

When you edit a large file, the file in a pile method, press Ctrl + R to list them all, making them easier to find. I began to try to input you want, then press Enter, you can quickly jump this method has.
Usage: Press Ctrl + R

Sublime Text 3 has a new feature (Goto Definition Go To Definition). Sublime Text It provides more features, bringing them closer to a IDE. If you are interested, you can go to learn about yourself.

Multi-Edit (multi-line editor) ctrl + click

In my opinion this is definitely the best Sublime Text features. After using it, it is difficult to go back another text editor. (Fool Pier Note: In fact, many editors, IDE now have this feature, such as: WebStorm)
There are many different ways to use multi-line editing:

ctrl + d: share the selected text cursor, select the next will continue to operate the same text. (Fool Pier Note: Try a few more)
ctrl + click: click every place you want to edit, and will create a cursor
ctrl + shift + f and alt + enter: Find a text in your file, then select them all
The following t-finishing:

ctrl + l to select the entire row, then continue to choose to continue to the next line, the effect is the same effect and shift + down.
ctrl + shift + l First select multiple rows, and then press the shortcut key, the insertion cursor at the end of each line, you can edit these lines.
ctrl + alt + up or ctrl + alt + drag the mouse up and add multiple lines up cursor can edit multiple lines.
ctrl + alt + down or ctrl + alt + drag the mouse down to add more rows down the cursor, you can edit multiple lines.
shift + up multiple selections.
shift + down to select multiple rows.

Snippets (snippet)

Fragment is another major feature of Sublime Text. You can use the pre-installed, or you can create your own, or installing the package with a snippet. You have to do is enter a defined text snippet, it will expand to your code.
For example, type will generate lorem lorem ipsum text.
Use: Enter a text snippet of the definition (for example, lorem), and then press the tab key.

Here is a snippet about creating a great article, http: //www.hongkiat.com/blog/sublime-code-snippets/

Keyboard Shortcuts (shortcut)

Sublime Text shortcut number is staggering. I think this is another nice feature Sublime Text. If too much, you can be their common shortcut from the main key (home keys) to move its own list of shortcuts (my keyboard).
Sublime Text For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, look at our keyboard shortcut articles. https://scotch.io/bar-talk/sublime-text-keyboard-shortcuts

Projects (Project)

In Sublime Text, a project is an integral part of the workflow. A project is just a Sublime workspace, project folders are open, and displayed in the sidebar. This is helpful because you can define a project and add a folder to the project, and the ability to quickly switch between folders.
Use project, you just need to find Windows Explorer or Finder item you want, and drag Sublime Text, on it.
Save an item: Enter the command panel, enter save the project.

Switching Project: ctrl + alt + p

Packages / Plugins (pack / plug-in)

Package Control (packet control)

Sublime Text provides the indispensable package manager. This is the best way to install all plugins and themes listed below. Continue in the package control plug-in installation.

Usage: Enter the command panel (ctrl + shift + p), then type install.

Package Control will load all the packages available for installation. See if you can find and install your favorite package ..

Alignment (Code alignment)

A very simple and easy-to-use plug-ins to make your code organization and aesthetics. Very useful when you revisit the code of the time.
Usage: Select the row you want to adjust, then press Ctrl + Alt + A


The plug-in provides the number of rows columns highlighting various paired syntax notation. (Fool Pier Note: that is paired brackets, etc. is displayed on the row number of columns)


Use a color picker to change the color
Usage: ctrl + shift + c

Note: When using the plug-in on Mac very nice


Emmet definitely save time. You can quickly and easily write HTML.

Usage: ctrl + alt + enter, and start typing Emmet style HTML

Check out our Emmet guide to learn more and try it yourself Emmet.


A really simple way to easily create a number of languages, including JavaScript, PHP and CoffeeScript documentation blocks. As long as the above function of input / **, press Tab on it. DocBlockr will observe the variable name and type of the function required, and create a document block.


Git help you with your Git repo agreements to interact. It supports many commands, like init, push, pull, branch, stash, and the like. Learn more about how you can use the function in which Git Sublime Text inside in order to improve your workflow. https://scotch.io/tutorials/using-git-inside-of-sublime-text-to-improve-workflow


This is a small useful plugin, it will tell you that since the last git commit has changed rows. An indicator is displayed next to the row number.


This plug-in allows you to pull your Gists, and insert them into your document. When you have a Gists, to launch an HTML file or any other reusable code, when it is useful.
Usage: Open a command panel, and type gist. You can also use a shortcut is displayed.


Right-click on the file when the sidebar, this plugin provides a lot more options. Open, find, copy and paste, and so on.

Here is a comparison of the old menus and SidebarEnhanced menus.

Themes (topics)

Sublime Text can install themes, there are some really cool theme. You can find these controls package.
Use the package control to install a theme, and then update your user settings to use it.

// User / Preferences.sublime-settings
"Theme": "Soda Light.sublime-theme"
Note: You may have to restart Sublime Text, these changes take effect.

Some popular themes:
THEME - SODA including LIGHT and DARK

A branch of Flatland. repo

"A Hyperminimal UI theme." Here are more relevant information.

More Skin:

More good subject, see the 2014 Best Sublime Text theme.

Color Schemes (color scheme)

In addition to changing your theme, you can change your color scheme. This differs from the theme, because the theme is Sublime Text package. The color scheme is just the color scheme file and change your settings.

Change the color scheme: menu, Preferences Preferences> Color Scheme color scheme, and choose one.

You will immediately see the changes, you can check if you like. For a list of some great color scheme, visit Dayle Rees of colour schemes (color scheme) repo or color sublime, a great project.

Settings (Settings)

Sublime comes with a lot of settings. I suggest you go look at all the settings it provides.

In order for you to enter the user settings, use the command panel and type the user.

Here is my current setup, most of the property does not need to explain it. Selected for their own good and as part of your own custom settings!

// User / Preferences.sublime-settings
"Bold_folder_labels": true,
"Color_scheme": "Packages / Theme - Flatland / Flatland Monokai.tmTheme",
"Font_face": "Ubuntu Mono",
"Font_options": "subpixel_antialias",
"Font_size": 14,
"Highlight_line": true,
"Highlight_modified_tabs": true,
"Line_padding_bottom": 1,
"Line_padding_top": 1,
"Scroll_past_end": true,
"Tab_size": 4,
"Tab_completion": false,
"Theme": "Soda Light.sublime-theme",
"Translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
"Trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true,
"Vintage_start_in_command_mode": true,
"Word_wrap": true
I used the Sublime is the best mode. It provides a vi editing commands instead of Sublime Text. It is not the original vi full-featured package, but it is the closest I've seen currently editor vi text editor. Use your keyboard shortcuts and command packets can be very rapid development.

The above settings will automatically open the Vintage mode when you open a file (t Note: Vintage Sublime Text is a vi-mode editing package can use a combination of vi command to call Sublime Text features, including multiple choice.).
If you do not like this feature, just delete vintage_start_in_command_mode can, if you want to completely disable Vintage mode, delete ignored_packages settings.

Conclusion (Conclusion)

I'm sure there are many excellent part Sublime I missed or omitted. You had you found any other great packages or plug-in functions, please leave a message to tell me, let me know, everyone happy coding!
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