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  System Safety: Windows and Linux platforms
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Microsoft recently released a big move Windows7, not as good as people say Linux Windows, why is that? This argument in the end there is no reason? But few people can answer them. Here to talk about the specific differences between the two at!

1. The more excellent patch management tools:

Microsoft's Windows system, the automatic update will upgrade those components provided by Microsoft official. The third-party applications, but will not be repaired. Thus, third-party applications can bring your system to bring a lot of risks. Realplayer player you are using it? You need to upgrade it alone. Using Flash? You still need to be upgraded separately. And so on, for all the applications on your computer, you need to regularly update each piece of software upgrades separately. This method is very tedious and annoying, but most users will soon forget this work to the winds.

In the Linux system, when you automatically update the system, it will upgrade the system in all of the software simultaneously. In the Ubuntu system, you have any of the software products will appear in the system's program among the warehouses, to upgrade it, you simply use the click of your mouse. While in other Linux distributions, if the software does not appear in the system's program warehouse, you want to add it is also very simple. This design, which greatly improves the user updated in real time system initiative.

2. The more robust default settings:

Linux system inherently is designed as a multi-user operating system. Therefore, even if a user wants to perform malicious damage, the underlying system files will still be protected. If, under very unfortunate circumstances, any remote malicious code is executed in the system, and it brings harm it will also be limited to a small localized into.

In stark contrast to Microsoft's WindowsXP system. Here, the user will default as the System Administrator login, and what happens in the system, any damage will quickly spread to the entire system into. Microsoft's latest WindowsVista system allows users to set the default under a limited user logged on, so it a little more than his predecessor.

3. Modular design:

Linux system uses a modular design. This means that if you do not, you can use any one system component to be deleted. One of the benefits thus brought is that if the user feels a part of the Linux system is not, he can be removed out of this component. This Windows systems, is simply incredible. For example, if I feel for their Linux systems, Firefox browser is the weakest link, I can delete it, instead of using other browsers, such as Opera. In which Windows systems, even re not satisfied, I can not replace Microsoft's InternetExplorer browser.

4. Best of "zero-day attacks (zero-day attacks)" defensive

Even if you can ensure that your system is updated in real time, it also does not mean foolproof! Zero-day attacks (zero-dayattacks, refers to the software manufacturer before release update patch for the vulnerability, it is the first to exploit the vulnerability to attack of the attack) are becoming increasingly rampant. In addition, a study also showed that: for the attacker, they only need six days to be able to malicious exploit code for vulnerabilities, and software manufacturers, but they take much longer to be able to launch the appropriate update patch. Therefore, a wise strategy is essential in against zero-day attacks. Microsoft's WindowsXP system does not provide such a defense mechanism. The new Vista system, under the protected mode status, although there is some effect, but it can only provide limited protection against attacks against InternetExplorer browser.

Correspondingly, no matter what type of remote control code for attack, AppArmor or SELinux, are able to provide detailed and comprehensive protection system. There are more and more mainstream Linux distributions by default in the system integration Apparmor (for example, SUSE, UbuntuGutsy) or SELinux (Fedora, DebianEtch, YellowDog). Even for other releases, the user can easily and from the two sets of software.

5. Open Source Architecture:

In the Linux system, when talking about the systematic time, with the "what you see is what you get" these words to describe, then this is also suitable enough. Open source means that any potential software vulnerabilities will be "countless pairs of eyes" see and get as fast as possible repair. And more importantly, this also means that there is no any hidden repair measures. As a user, as long as you are determined, you can find their own system problems and take appropriate precautionary measures to deal with potential threats, even if the vulnerability has not been patched at this time.

In the Windows world, among them, many issues are being covered up. Microsoft's internal software vulnerabilities discovered, is not known to the outside world, and they just want the next update upgrade package it were quietly patched it. While this allows the software to be disclosed in a smaller number ****, **** and let some will not be large-scale use, but this approach also deceived the user's eyes. The results thus caused is that users probably will not actively upgrade the system, because he can not exist ** own system what kind of **** and **** harm these sizes, but the results It will become a victim of malicious attacks.

6. diverse system environments:

Windows system environment can be said to be stereotyped. This huge consistency allows attackers when writing malicious code, viruses, or other something like that seems handy. In turn, take a look at Linux systems in the world. Here, the application may be yes. deb ,. rpm, or source code, and other such like. Such differences make it difficult for an attacker to obtain the Windows-like Linux's widespread influence in the body system.

Editor's Note:

In fact, a system is safe or not depends not only nature, but also the current technical capacity of the environment and the operator, in the final analysis, talent is the core of the system, all the talent is fundamental. To keep this in mind!
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