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  System with Windows Remote Desktop to connect Ubuntu 15.04
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      

1. Install Xrdp

Windows Remote Desktop using a RDP protocol, it is necessary to install on Ubuntu Xrdp, terminal command line installation:

sudo apt-get install xrdp vnc4server xbase-clients

2. Set Open

(1) IP address set to static

(2) Open the "Desktop Sharing" option in the / usr / share / applications directory, desktop sharing option must first turn on sharing, on whether to allow other users to control, the need for the unit to confirm the remote connection, remote connection passwords and other projects as needed set itself. If you need access to this computer from the ubuntu public network that is external networks need to turn on "Automatic Configuration UPnP router port forwarding and open the project."

After the above settings, ubuntu14.04 is not properly connected, displays the security level, we also need to continue configuration

(1) Install dconf-editor

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

(2) adjustment with Dconf-editor, and go to the following configuration Path:

org> gnome> desktop> remote-access

(3) unchecked before "requlre-encryption" attribute.


1. Download and install VNC Viewer software

2. Open the VNC, you can enter the IP address of the remote system
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