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  tar command to extract a file error: stdin has more than one entry
  Add Date : 2016-08-25      
  Use tar command to extract .zip files, I encountered the following exception,

abc @ Ubuntu: ~ / Documents $ tar -xzvf wls1033_dev.zip
gzip: stdin has more than one entry - rest ignored
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

tar command is invoked gunzip command,
Only the contents of a compressed file when it is used to extract the tar, and if there is more than one file compression bag is compressed,
tar command does not continue to work. Unzip command can be used to decompress.

First check whether the installed unzip, not installed, then download unzip.

Then extract:

abc @ ubuntu: ~ / Documents $ unzip wls1033_dev, zip -d weblogic
Unzip to a folder in the current folder weblogic file.
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