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  Taught you how to install Ubuntu Linux
  Add Date : 2017-04-13      
  Brief introduction

This tutorial will teach you step by step how to install XUbuntu Linux.

Why would you want to install Xubuntu it? Here are three reasons:

You have a computer installed Windows XP, but Microsoft no longer provides support for Windows XP.
Your computer is running slow, you want to keep up with the trend of the times and a lightweight operating system.
You want to customize your PC experience.
First, you need to download Xubuntu, and create a bootable USB drive.

After completion, with USB boot to the current version of Xubuntu, then click on the icon to install Xubuntu.

Choose your installation language

First, choose your installation language.

Select the language in the list on the left, then click "Continue".

Select Wi-Fi access

The second step requires you to choose your network link. This step is not necessary, at this stage you may choose not to set up a network link for a reason.

If your network situation is very bad, do not choose a wireless network is a wise choice, because the installer will download some update package from the network during installation. Then imagine that your installation process will take a long time.

Of course, if your speed quickly, select a wireless network, and then enter the password on the line.

Preparing to Install

At this time, you'll see a list showing the installation of some preparation conditions Xubuntu:

Whether it has at least 6.2G disk space
It is linked to the Internet
Whether or not connected to the power
Only the disk space is a necessary condition.

Mentioned in the previous step, you can not install the update packages during the installation of Xubuntu. After the system is installed and then install the update package is also possible.

During installation, if the battery depletion, you only have to be linked to the power supply.

Please note that if you are networking, here are a closed installation Download the update package box.

There is also a check box that prompts you to install third-party software for playing MP3 or Flash video, of course, the content may be carried out after installation is complete.

Select Installation Type

The next step is to select the type of installation. Which option displays, depending on what system is installed on a computer before.

In my example, I have installed Ubuntu MATE, so my option is to reinstall Ubuntu, remove and reinstall, install Xubuntu and Ubuntu dual system, or other.

If you install Windows on your computer, then you get the option is to install dual system, using Xubuntu replace Windows or other.

This tutorial is to show how to install Xubuntu on a computer, rather than how to install dual system, it would be a completely different course.

Xubuntu choose to use to replace the current system, then click "Continue".

NOTE: This will cause your disk is completely removed before proceeding with the installation, you should back up your data.

Select Install Disk

Select the disk you want to install Xubuntu.

Click the "Install Now".

This will pop up a warning window will prompt you to select the disk drive will be completely cleared, and then displays a list of a newly created partition.

NOTE: This is the last chance you change your mind, if you click Continue, the disk will be completely removed, and then begin installing Xubuntu.

Click "Continue" to install Xubuntu.

Select Area

This step, you need by clicking on the base map to select your region. System to set the time zone of your choice, so you can clock shows the correct time.

After selecting click on "Continue".

Select a keyboard layout

Choose your keyboard layout.

Select the keyboard language from the list on the left, and then displays the exact keyboard layout in the list on the right.

You can also click "Detect Keyboard Layout" allow the system to choose the most suitable keyboard layout.

If you need to confirm whether the correct keyboard layout, you can "Type here to test your keyboard" enter characters. You need to pay special attention to the fn key and some symbols, such as the pound and the dollar sign.

If during the installation process is not set correctly it does not matter, after the installation is complete Xubuntu system settings can also be adjusted.

New users

In order to use Xubuntu, you need to set up at least one user, so the installation program requires you to set a default user.

Inside the first two input boxes, enter your name and the name used to identify your computer.

Choose a user name for the user and create a password. To ensure that your password is entered correctly, you need to enter it twice.

If you want the system to auto-login, rather than every boot password, select the "Log in automatically". For me, I certainly would not choose this option.

Better option is to "Require my password to log in", and if you want a higher level of security, check the "Encrypt my home folder" option.

Click "Continue" and continue.

Wait for the installation to complete

This step will copy the files to your computer and install Xubuntu.

In this process, you'll see a brief slide. At this time you can go to a cup of coffee or relax.

After installation is complete, you'll be prompted to tell you whether to restart and begin to experience the newly installed Xubuntu system.

Ready for it? Unplug the boot disk to restart it.

Note: The above UEFI machines installed Xubuntu, it requires some extra steps, there is no mention in this tutorial. About the contents of this area, Let's hear next decomposition.
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