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  Teach you how to choose to install CentOS 6.5 installation package
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Recently found more small partners have operation and maintenance minimized installation CentOS 6.5 system cleanliness, therefore, looking for the old boy to consult, the "over the top" good habit ah, must support ,, therefore publish this article and share .

(1) Installation Type and select Customize additional package groups

The upper half is a different system custom installation type options, the default is "Desktop", here we choose "Minimal", that is, to minimize the installation, the lower half is in the above system determines the type of installation, you want to add additional software package group selection, we choose "customize now" an immediate custom.

Additional custom group interface package, we first need to select a classification on the left, and then check the right side of the corresponding small package group. Note: The right side of the packet contents of a group default.


1, based on experience, when you choose to install packages should be minimized by the principle that the unwanted or not sure whether you need to install, so you can ensure system security to the maximum extent.

2. If the installation process off the part of the package group or install other partners did not choose when, after installation can then fill in the following manner when the package group installation is not installed:

yum groupinstall "Compatibility libraries" "Base" "Development tools"

yum groupinstall "debugging Tools" "Dial-up Networking Support"

You can view specific components installed by yum groupinfo package group.

3, below 6.5 after the installation landing system when viewing situations selected package:

yum grouplist:

Installed Groups:


Compatibility libraries

Debugging Tools

Development tools

E-mail server

Graphical Administration Tools

Hardware monitoring utilities

Legacy UNIX compatibility

Networking Tools

Performance Tools

Perl Support

Scientific support

Security Tools

* You can see that in addition to our selection, the system installed by default or additional package groups.

Note: Do not use yum delete function to delete the software will delete dependency, resulting in unexpected problems.

(2) installation of the system patch installation tool command

After the installation of the system will have some basic tools not installed, then you can according to the following needs yum to install, and when they use what fashion can be. E.g:

yum install tree nmap sysstat lrzsz dos2unix -y

If you need to update the patch is executed

yum update
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