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  The default permissions for files and directories under Linux computing
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Detailed default permissions for files and directories under Linux computing

When a new file and directory, many people are concerned about their rights, but its authority is ever wondered how to calculate, which with umask (mask code) related to the.

General user's umask to 0002, root's umask to 0022, umask configuration file / etc / bashrc.

Detailed down the default permissions for files and directories:

1. The default file permissions for the calculation: 666-umask, but the file does not have execute permissions by default, if the results calculated in the Executive authority, it is incremented by one authority.

If umask is 777, it will happen then? The following will tell you.

Visible, 666-777 or 000.

2. Calculation method and file the same directory, is 777-umask.
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