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  The formatted Linux hard drive and mount
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  The formatted Linux hard drive and mount

To use a hard drive is to go through the partition, format, mount the three steps. Earlier we talked about MBR and GPT partition partition.

Here we are speaking about if you format a partition. Actually very simple, word can get.

First, let's look at sdb disk partitions which have been made. Use the command:

ls -l / dev / sdb *

For example, we want to use the partition sdb1, then format it first, using a tool mkfs, because it supports more file systems.

Get word, remember the following command:

mkfs.ext4 / dev / sdb1

Well, the formatting is complete. If you use it, you can mount the partition.

Note that any mount theoretically an empty folder can be, but you'd better follow the rules mount / mnt / folder, which is

Systems designed to prepare us to mount the device.

First, create an empty folder

Then mount

Such sub-mount is completed, the partition can be more enjoyable to use.

But we must note that using mount mount mount is only temporary, the next boot will be invalid. If you want permanent, you need to

The partition configuration file in / etc / fstab to mount and save.

Type the command: vim + / etc / fstab
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