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  The Oracle VM VirtualBox use U disk under ubuntu
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  First statement, is set in the Ubuntu10.10 environment, you can normally identify the U shield, U disk and mobile hard disk.

Before reading a lot of tutorials online, but most versions of the old, the following pro-test feasible.

First install Oracle VM VirtualBox, this can directly find its deb installation package.

After installing Oracle VM VirtualBox, you can create a Win XP virtual machine inside, the specific method to skip.

VirtualBox next best to install the enhanced tools, this step is also skipped.

The following is the use of U disk the entire process (refer to other people on the network tutorial, pro-test available):

Add the current user as a vboxusers member

Terminal input: cat / etc / group | grep vboxusers

A similar message will be displayed:
Vboxusers: x: 124

Then type: / usr / sbin / usermod -G vboxusers -a horizon (where horizon is replaced by your current username)

Re-enter: cat / etc / group | grep vboxusers

This is shown below:
Vboxusers: x: 124: horizon

This will add the current user to the vboxusers group.

After the above steps are completed, in VirtualBox inside enable USB controller

I do not like some of the tutorial, the need to add an empty filter, but can be used. If you can not find U disk, you can refer to the relevant tutorials to try.

Finally, in the virtual Win XP inside the ICBC U-Shield installed the driver, where my U-shield is Gemalto HID USB eSeal Token, tick it, the virtual machine can identify the

Finally, note that in some tutorials mentioned to modify the / etc / fstab file, is to add a line in the final configuration.

But found in Ubuntu 10.10 and the latest version of VirtualBox (4.0.8), do not need to do this setting. In particular, set up after the boot but will see some error messages, we also refer to it.

Let lubuntu 13.10 virtualbox use u disk

Four steps

1, sudo usermod-G vboxusers-a john

Where john is the current user name of the vbox you want to use

2, log off after re-login to this user

3, open the vbox point set (this time the virtual machine is off), the left side of the usb, right to see the green plus, you can see your usb device, add about

4, open the virtual machine.

Encountered a problem, because vbox a bit backward, do not support usb3.0. So do not put u disk inserted 3.0 interface, or can not be identified. On such a simple question, I pondering for a long time also check a lot of information, then I suddenly realized that this is a change in the mouth to get u. . .
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