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  The relationship between UNIX and Linux
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  First, the old tune, what is Linux?

Linux is a computer operating system, the computer operating system has a lot of, such as Windows Macos Unix Bsd like. So Linux and Windows in parallel position, is a computer operating system, this presentation may not be correct, uh, I understand that he is, it may have difficulty expressing. After all, I am not a computer professional origin. Please understand understand it.

Linux is a program born in 1991 (Linus is planned), his father was a young man is a Finnish, may now also Lao Leba, anyway, we have not seen him personally, is not really old, let's I no longer know. And he really released version 1.0 in 1994, can be said that in 1994, the day of the birth of Linux, with a period of about three years or so. It seems that Linus production linux than women to have children a little more difficult.

Indeed Linux kernel point is that, if you want the latest version of the kernel, you can stand up to http://www.kernel.org download.

Second, what is the release of it?

Linus development concept is indeed higher than the average person, not one meter high two meters. Source code is open, collaborative development model, the advantage is to set the world elite computer I used for Linus! Of course Linux powerful, there are GNU credit. Brother interested can go and see. What history speaks speech about them.

Because Linux is an operating system kernel, the kernel is Linux a little. But only a kernel is not enough, so some companies or organizations may put an individual kernel and some commonly used software to organize people to play, so there is a release said. For example, RedHat Fedora SUSE Slackware Gentoo Debian like. All distributions share a kernel, the kernel is http://www.kernel.org.

Three, Linux and Unix What is the relationship?

I also do not quite understand, I know will speak of it. Linux inherited Unix, their similarities and a lot of the same things, so Linux or Unix-like operating systems. One theory is that Linux is a variant version of Unix, do not know that right. For example, some software on Unix, Linux almost most of them have. Of course, when talking about Unix, BSD also have to talk about, when it comes to Unix and BSD can not talk about AT & T and the University of California, Berkeley computer group. This said, the more, let's save it. Haha, mainly do not want too much typing.

Fourth, for the novice how to choose Linux distributions, based on my experience Linux play thirty months shows that there are the following points;

1. Is there an official release of the long-term development plan, it is not open today, tomorrow it closed? Joe Smith and John Doe Linux because Linux too, so see if there is a long-term plan we choose to learn Linux distribution is very important.

2. Is there a software upgrade source, timely software updates, such as security patches; upgraded to support adequacy.

3. Is there an official release full documentation and technical support, think about why so many people choose Redhat Fedora Debain Mandrake Gentoo Slackware other popular releases will understand.

Through the above several, you may generally understand a little bit how to select Linux distributions. If you have requested is used to produce, it is necessary to carefully select the release, after all production and entertainment system are two different concepts. If you just play, want to learn a lot of the system, I recommend using mainstream release. If all like me, always install this release ramshackle experience experience experience experience means that release, and I almost possible outcomes, nothing more than two years! Think of this year that he wasted so much time to install various Linux distributions, empty-handed, I really tears!
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