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  The security configuration of Linux
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  As we all know, network security is a very important issue, and network security server is the most critical link. Linux is considered a more secure Internet server, as an open source operating system, Linux system once found security vulnerabilities on the Internet volunteers from around the world will actively repair it.

However, system administrators often do not get timely information and make corrections, which gives hackers an opportunity to exploit. In contrast to these security vulnerabilities system itself, more security problems are caused by improper configuration created and can be prevented by appropriate configuration. Here's a short list of the following points for your reference:

1, the firewall does not need to close any port, less than others PING server, reducing the threat of a half natural

Prevent others ping method:

1) command prompt fight

echo 1> / proc / sys / net / ipv4 / icmp_ignore_all

2) prohibit firewall (or discard) icmp packet

iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -j DROP

3) All communication with ICMP packets not respond


2, change the SSH port, preferably to more than 10,000 others to port scan chances will fall

vi / etc / ssh / sshd_config

The PORT to port above 1000

At the same time, create an ordinary user login and canceled direct root login

useradd 'username'

passwd 'username'

vi / etc / ssh / sshd_config

In the last add the following sentence:

PermitRootLogin no # cancel direct remote root login

3, delete unnecessary bloated system account:

userdel adm userdel lp userdel sync userdel shutdown userdel halt userdel news userdel uucp userdel operator userdel games userdel gopher userdel ftp if you do not allow anonymous FTP, you delete the user account groupdel adm groupdel lp groupdel news groupdel uucp groupdel games groupdel dip groupdel pppusers

4, change the following file permissions, so that people do not change any account permissions:

chattr + i / etc / passwd chattr + i / etc / shadow chattr + i / etc / group chattr + i / etc / gshadow

5, chmod 600 /etc/xinetd.conf

6, turn off the anonymous FTP user login
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