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  The sublime into IDE
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      

Used some IDE, such as eclipse, intelliJ, the IDE is very intelligent, but also a lot of plug-ins, but all of them are not fuel-efficient lights ---- memory killer. More can not stand is 10G memory 2G + eclipse accounted for after or card.

No longer do full-stack after development started with lightweight editor, the editor has used Emacs (ctrl really not used to death), Vim (relatively easy to use, but the speed and ease of plug-ins is better sublime), ultraedit (said to be essential hacker editor, plug-ins too), atom (github version of the sublime, has been very good, but unfortunately I can not accept slow), sublime (speed, plug-in rich, vim also supports operation). The final choice of the audience sought after more than sublime.

I usually develop primary language is javascript (jquery, angular), html, css (bootstrap), use some tools such as gurnt, less, git, svn. In addition to the command line (in fact, there is also the terminal plug sublime, but ugly window, function is not strong, so as a direct win + r faster), basically operate on the sublime "IDE". Mainly uses the following plug-ins:

Code completion, tips, optimization


Beautify its "=", ":" symbols.


Code block brackets highlighting tool, you can customize the color of the brackets.


On line input function / ** then enter, magical things happen, jsdoc generated.


Formerly known zencoding, to quickly write a plugin of html.

HTML-CSS-JS Prettify

html, css, js file a key to optimization, but seemingly only optimization indentation.


Gives smart tips when writing Angular.


Smart tips of JQueryAPI

SublimeLinter & SublimeLinter-jshint

In conjunction with the rules of grammar checking support js, js every writer must have.

File Save Preview

Local History

Highly recommended, intelligent caching edited file, a bit like a local version of the management tool.

Markdown Preview & MarkdownEditing

Write a good partner markdown, used to display a preview md format files.


Manual version js file compression tool.

version control


Plug-in functions much like a small turtle TortoiseSVN, operating in the sidebar to the right.


Right visualization, supra.

sublime self-optimization

Dracula Color Scheme

Black and white ash, a minimalist theme, suitable for low-profile developers.


Can + alt + n to create a file directly with the shortcut keys ctrl in sublime console (folder)

Automation Tools


IDE has a magical, simply save the code, the compiler will automatically release, it can use plug-ins to Grunt's watch. just plug the sublime Grunt project to facilitate the call has been configured Gruntfile.js tasks. Use ctrl + p input grunt to use, intelligent and convenient.

Automated tools currently heard there are three kinds: Grunt, Fis, Gulp.

Grunt is a relatively mature automated management tools, has a wealth of plug-ins, broken down into a code automation to perform a task.
Fis Baidu out of the automated tools should be more in line with people accustomed to, if you can consider using lazy.
Gulp more recommended, high flow efficiency similar node.js, the plug is also very rich, according to statistics currently the most popular automation tools.

Last added

To vim mode

vim is a mouse from the old editor, vim mode of operation means to perform cursor, move, cut and other operations by switching modes, greatly improving the write speed. Very pleased that the sublime can be configured as a "pseudo vim".

On the menu bar Click Preferences -> setting-user, add an attribute: "ignored_packages": [ "Vintage"]


Cause of the fire can be so sublime that the plug is very rich, plug-ins one by one to view the top100 screening is an efficient way to find the PackageControl.
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