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  The traffic monitoring system: cacti
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  All along, ntop as I always used to monitor traffic. But for what can not do port mirroring system difficult to use. Fortunately, we have mrtg and cacti. The former is a veteran of the monitoring system, the use of snmp protocol, so that we can learn from the traffic to the server load, number of connections from the sensor to the Apache, almost everything can monitor data, but the fly in the ointment is mrtg can only draw two lines, and the data can not time the index, so you want to see data from a previous period becomes difficult.

cacti, this software is very promising, a lot of built-in templates, you can easily use, but previous (this means at least the previous 10 years of the switch) switches support some bad will happen can not catch the problem of data but if it is now in the exchange is not the problem, since the mysql database for recording data so that you can easily view the previous data, but also the synthesis of a multiple diagram, these powerful features make cacti never Some manufacturers in Asia monitoring system. It can be said is the best monitoring system.


Installation mrtg is too simple, direct use of apt in debian installation.

# Apt-get install mrtg

Then start to configure it, to build a directory

#mkdir / var / www / html / mrtg

Start generating mrtg configuration files, before remember to set snmp

#cfgmaker public@ --output /etc/mrtg.cfg --global "WorkDir: / var / www / html / mrtg" --global "Options [_]: growright, bits"

Generate index files

#indexmaker --output = / var / www / html / mrtg / index.html

The last run mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg on the line, because there is no previous record found just starts running, it will be given, but two more runs on the line. Remember to configure your http server, or else you have no way to view the pages through your data. Automatic timed run mrtg reincarnated into statistics, the default is five minutes to run once. As root, crontab -e to enter edit mode, add the following:

* / 5 * * * * mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg

Mrtg will now run every 5 minutes, updated data.


Also use apt-get install cacti on the list, but first install mysql database, cacti do not know why not automatically install mysql

# Apt-get install mysql-server-5.0

# Apt-get install cacti

Then http: // you server ip / cacti CACTI can see the home page, the user name and password are admin, you will be requested by re-enter the password. Then start to configure it, built a lot of useful templates.
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