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  ThinkPad X201i installation notes Debian 7.5
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  From the company picking up a ThinkPad X201i, then its installed Debian 7.5. Select the netinst installation ISO, thinking this installation image size, and also very easy via USB. I did not expect two fell into the pit.

One is, if you select the graphical mode, the installation program will detect the optical drive, and because this notebook does not drive, resulting in the installation program to pass the inspection, can not proceed with the installation. The workaround is to select the text mode installation, which can circumvent this problem.

The second is the netinst install WiFi module firmware image is not with the laptop, together with the surrounding environment does not allow cable access, so the installation process can not networking. Fortunately, the installation can continue, here in accordance with the conventional step installation can be.

Then elaborate on how to install the WiFi module firmware and networking tools this X201i. Other network-enabled machines to https://packages.debian.org page, download the following deb package:

firmware-iwlwifi: WiFi module firmware from the installation error prompt informed
wireless-tools and its dependencies: Wireless Toolkit
wpasupplicant and its dependencies: Wireless networking tools
After installing these packages, and add the following in / etc / network / interfaces are:

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
    wpa-ssid < ssid Wireless name>
    wpa-psk < wireless password>
Once saved, then execute:

ifup wlan0
Normally connected to a wireless network.
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