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  ThinkPad X220 Ubuntu 14.10 installed on fingerprint recognition
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  It can be installed on Ubuntu fprint-demo and fingerprint-gui used as ThinkPad fingerprint recognition software. I tried it fprint-demo, and Ubuntu systems can combine the accounts, but recognition poorly.

fingerprint-gui software runs as a standalone fingerprint recognition effect is quite good, so decided to use fingerprint-gui.

Installation on Ubuntu 14.10

1. Add PPA

#sudo add-apt-repository ppa: fingerprint / fingerprint-gui

#sudo apt-get update

2. Install

sudo apt-get install fingerprint-gui policykit-1-fingerprint-gui libbsapi

Wherein libbsapi UPEK chip is designed for installation

3. Run the fingerprint-gui program, input fingerprint, log off after use.

4. Potential Problems

If you press the above operation, the configuration does not take effect, you can try to run:

[Html] view plaincopyprint? Check the code on the CODE sheet derivative to my piece of code #sudo pam-auth-update

#sudo pam-auth-update and confirm the PAM configuration file "Fingerprint authentication by FingerprintGUI" ranked first in the list and enabled. If not, try to run:

sudo pam-auth-update -force

Have any questions you can view the installation log: /var/log/auth.log, to find the cause of the problem.
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