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  Three strategies to teach you to release the device memory
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Whenever you and your family together in the park enjoying the good times, the child is doing something very lovely thing. You quickly start pulling out the phone camera ...... phone displays "Out of Space." A full smartphone or tablet simply could not take pictures, download music, add a new app, and even update your system, download security patches. You need to quickly free up storage space, I can teach you, without any loss of important information, freeing up space on your phone.
Uninstall app

By phone or tablet App, we can do more meaningful, magical things. There are many fabulous on my screen app, from games to secure applications, to photo editor, but they will before you realize that your phone run out of memory space. You do not need to download each of the latest popular gaming applications, or software download three reminders. You can Apple ios8 system, click the Settings >> General >> >> amount of storage space management, spatial management. In ios7 and earlier systems, click the Settings >> General >> amount you can. Into the interface, you will see the phone downloaded app, as well as their share memory. After reading the list, you can use to make informed decisions, they lose some weight to your application. Want to delete an application, simply click on the application name. Then the next screen, click on the button "delete applications." If your phone uses Android to enter the Setup >> applications (Settings >> System Management. Slide the screen to the left, go to the download tab. You can see all the downloaded app, as well as their share memory, click on the name, then click the "uninstall" button to delete is completed. act quickly, you do not have to delete the app, and then look at your phone's largest app, think about what you need in the end do not need it.

If your phone uses Android system, you can click on Settings >> storage space, in the end you find out how much space is available, has been occupied by specific matters, such as App, photos, videos, download files, and so on. Click classification, the phone will display the relevant Android interface. So, click on the "App", you can see the application management interface, click on the "picture", will go to the photo storage application software.

In the Microsoft Windows operating system 8, the slide from the start screen to the left, you can see a list of App. Press and application software, and then click "Uninstall", "Yes", App delete completed it.

Manage your photos and videos

Smartphones make taking pictures easier to travel with family, friends, or you happen to see an interesting scene outside, just one click is more than ten photos. Every few days to about a year so, no wonder the phone memory.

Look at your cell phone camera software, there are no photographs taken of accidents, such as the floor, the door or the sky, you can delete to delete. You are not to look at most of the photos sent to it on social media?

You can manage the transfer of photos, videos way to release the memory space, uploading them to your home computer, or use iPhoto, Dropbox and Picasa program for online storage. Use Android users can also connect the device and the computer, the file directly dragged into the computer, and then delete the files on the device.

Play music and movies streamed

Certainly more than you will use the camera to take pictures, will also shoot video. In celebration of the birthday party and other occasions, beat dozens of one-minute short video, you will take up gigabytes of storage space. You will definitely want to pass them to the computer, mobile phone and save some space. You can also upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage such, it spread to YouTube or video sharing area. If you do not want other people to see, it is marked as private, so only the authorized people can see you.

Smartphone or tablet, but it is still pretty cool multimedia devices that can play music and movies, but these will account for a large memory. Do not run on the device media library all in favor of considering using cloud streaming services.

For iphone and ipad, Apple iTunes system can store an entire music library in the cloud, and you want to listen to streaming songs. Of course, it charges $ 25 per year, but compared to spending one hundred yuan to buy a larger memory device, which is to cost more, after all, the total device memory is full day.

Google Music Player is your another choice. This service can store entire music library, including songs in ITunes, at any time, to streaming song you want to hear. The only account that Google phone memory music player software, songs, and the album does not occupy space. Of course, you can also subscribe to new songs, movies.

Of course, this is not the only way to use streaming media players and without storage. [Click here to find out more streaming music player choose to experience unlimited music library] (http://www.komando.com/tips/239685/listen-to-all-the-music-you-want-without- spending-a-fortune).

Speaking of movies, 5 length films accounted for 15GB of memory or more. Many electronic devices, or something else will the memory 15GB.

If you have in iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Movies purchased through these mobile client application, you can use streaming movies. Do not forget to use Netflix, Hulu uninterrupted broadcast the film, using their App [more services all in] (http://www.komando.com/apps/3858/6-best-apps-to-stream-tv- shows-to-your-mobile-gadget)

In fact, you do not need to download movies to the device, unless you are traveling, and Rom Wi-Fi. Even during the trip, and be sure to look you can play movie file VLC App ([iOS system free]). This application to ensure the correct format movie playback, allowing users with the comfort.
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