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  To achieve Linux Security
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  For IT managers, on Linux and legacy systems integration for secure IT systems are the two biggest problems, they also complain that Linux is usually the case, Peter Harrison said of. Peter Harrison is in many areas of IT professionals, has just written by Prentice Hall Press published the book "Linux Quick Fix Notebook". In this tip article, Harrison does not provide a quick fix approach, he is wise to provide advice on security and integration.

In the installation, there is no silver bullet. Threats are dynamic, technology is constantly changing. Security systems approach usually requires careful consideration.

I believe that regular safety audits and enforcement recommendations made by the audit is the most important safety tool. Software often requires a patch, also you need to change your password from time to time, allow only specific protocols communicate with each other between a predefined server. For unauthorized wireless network access point (AP, Access Point) it is found necessary, the user's access rights and control needs to be evaluated periodically. Email is required after scanning, and intrusion detection. System must be monitored to prevent security risks.

Many organizations are just as safe to prevent unauthorized access to data, but in fact, security intelligence should contain anything intrusion prevention, as well as any data access threats. This needs to be on the various aspects of the audit, including electricity, waveguide devices and cooling systems in buildings; backup data stored off position; maintain network redundancy and physical security systems such as video cameras and physical access records.

"Fix (patch)" implies the meaning of a piece of time is damaged, which means that a system has been damaged. Security administrators need to enforce preventive measures to minimize the use of toilet repair methods to solve security problems.

Integration issues

After Linux more and more acceptance in many organizations, IT managers next step is to study how the Linux-based applications can integrate with existing systems, and apply them in future projects.

IT executives say seamlessly add Linux to provide enhanced vendor independence. This will lead to massive competition among IT suppliers and IT managers may provide more favorable conditions for the purchase of provider solutions meet the business needs of large-scale emerge. They recognized that the introduction of Linux will bring new opportunities in terms of personnel training, project management and systems integration, and feel it brings cost advantages and operational flexibility will do so very worth it.

In other words, IT managers believe that Windows will not hours, and it will be integrated with Linux will be an important issue. For example, a manager who complained to me, the biggest question is: "I just installed Linux on my server, it is relatively easy, but I'm now in the end how it will integrate with my existing Windows system together? "

The Linux and other systems integrators usually need to make a pilot project to help us identify possible problem in this task. According to a predetermined target, you may need to establish a small team that contains a variety of disciplines, beginning a conceptual and schematic of the test, followed by re-use of existing systems as part of large-scale test equipment. With Linux trust by field, full-scale integration finally realized.

In the above scenario, Linux should be treated as a new technology. Compatibility, carrying capacity, and the implementation of purchase cost, time and achieve predefined goals feasibility and other issues, need to be considered.

Linux is a viable IT alternative, all new server project should seriously consider whether to choose Linux. Linux will be new or old copyright system integration will become a very common thing, must have also a number of IT skills.
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