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  To share Internet access through NAT mode under Virtual Linux VMware Workstation
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  In VMware Workstation virtual machine below, Linux virtual confidential Internet, usually bridging mode, but different my own computer access to the Internet environment, it does not bother to always configure the Linux card information, so NAT mode to share real machine Internet LAN to the Internet.

An error or other problems large and small, to welcome the god pointed
With the proviso that your virtual machine is a virtual machine through vmware workstation to create, when you install vmware workstation, adds two network cards in your system inside a VMware Network Adapter VMnet1; a VMware Network Adapter VMnet8, is used here VMware Network Adapter VMnet8.
1, NIC VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 change DHCP to automatically obtain IP.

2, NIC Linux virtual machine custom connected to the network adapter VMware Network Adapter VMnet8

3, you can now access the network card (wired LAN or wireless LAN) to share VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 card; open the network card properties and then share.

4, this time to view the VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 card connection details, this card has been automatically acquired a IP address, to read the manual, and the DNS is set to a physical machine Internet DNS

5, when the IP address of the network card can be configured into the Linux virtual machine IP address 192.168.137.x / 24 of this section, the gateway is configured to; DNS configured VMware Network Adapter VMnet8 card DNS address, this time Linux virtual machine should be able to ping physical machines and the external network.
This, on a Linux virtual machine outside the network configuration is complete! ! !
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