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  Transfer files to Windows and Linux
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Are used to copy and paste Windows, Linux, did not used to go to, but also to build on the Windows virtual machine windows and from the host to seamlessly copy and paste between the virtual machine and want to copy files from the Windows command line under Linux it is particularly troublesome, here are two methods for Windows and Linux to copy files.

One. Use WinSCP

Installed under Windows WinSCP, use Linux IP address and user name and password to log in to the host, you can drag a file from Windows in the direct path of the directory is also very convenient. But there is a problem, the software can only copy relatively small files, large files appear when the time will be disconnected, or when network instability, disconnects need retransmission NOTE: there will be aborted after the click here another window allows the option of aborting or reconnect, reconnect proved this is of no use, it will pop back up after the aborted countdown window introduction

Two. Use Putty

Putty is a free software before using Putty to ensure that the Linux ssh service is for start-up state, you can use the service ssh status to see if there is a startup, if ssh is not installed, you can use the following command to install (my is Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

1. Start the ssh service: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start

You can use the ps -e | grep ssh ssh service is open to view

stack @ TEST: /etc/init.d$ ps -e | grep ssh
 1378? 00:00:00 sshd
31015? 00:00:00 sshd
31066? 00:00:00 sshd

2. Using Putty to log in to a Linux system: input IP, port number 22, using SSH, enter cmd in the pop-up user name and password

3. From a cmd in Windows, switch to the installation path of Putty, run the command: pscp source_path username @ hostIP: target_path

I preach the Ubuntu installation files for use VMware vsphere to build a virtual machine:

pscp C: \ Users \ IBM_ADMIN \ Downloads \ ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso root@ / vmimages

Wait for the transfer to complete on the line, this method is more stable and not affected by file size. Of course, if the file is small can be very convenient to use WinSCP, a drag is complete.
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