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  Ubuntu 14.04 after the restart the default maximum screen brightness solutions
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Before the burst into the notebook after Win10 find a variety suited to various demands are not met, then huff, for the Ubuntu 14.04, and found that every time you turn the screen brightness is the brightest level, deeply disturbing, so the online search related solutions.

Process is as follows:

1. Terminal enter the code: (open grub default configuration file, which has the option to set the screen brightness)

sudo gedit / etc / default / grub

2. Locate the following statement in the Open file: (This statement is used to set the background brightness choice)


3. Place it into the following statement:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX = "acpi_backlight = vendor" (select the background brightness of vendor type)

4. changing for the better after the save.

5. Upgrade grub:

sudo update-grub

The restart. . . Press the FN will be able to adjust the brightness.

This step does not end, the following procedure began to set the default screen brightness values.

The initial value for setting brightness:

Terminal 1. Enter the code:

sudo gedit /etc/rc.local

2. Add one (added before exit 0) Code in the open file:

echo 500> / sys / class / backlight / intel_backlight / brightness

PS: 500 refers to the luminance values ​​of the screen, you can view the first maximum luminance value of the screen, and then need here to set the default screen brightness value based.

Query screen brightness command: sudo cat / sys / class / backlight / intel_backlight / brightness or sudo cat / sys / class / backlight / intel_backlight / max_brightness

3. Then save.

After the above method, you can adjust the screen brightness, and it will not change your brightness value set after the restart.
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