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  Ubuntu 14.04 Fixed update information is outdated error
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Seen Ubuntu 14.04 that appears on the top panel of the following error red triangle yet?

Update outdated information. This error may be caused by network problems, or no longer available in a warehouse caused. Please select from the indicator menu 'Show updates' to manually update, and then see if there is failure of the warehouse.

It looks like this:

Here is the original pink exclamation mark red triangle, because I used one of the best Ubuntu icon theme, Numix. Let us return to the error, which is a common update problems, you might come across it from time to time. Now, you probably want to know is, in the end is what caused this update errors.

Cause 'update information is outdated' cause of the error

The cause of the error in its error description speaks quite understand it, it tells you "This may be caused by a network problem or is no longer available due to the warehouse." So, either you update the system and some warehouses or similar problems PPA is no longer supported, or you're facing right.

Although the error itself is made very clear, and it gives the recommended action "from the menu by selecting the indicator 'Show updates' to manually update failed to see the warehouse," but did not solve the problem. If you click on the display update, you can see only the system has been updated.

Very strange, is not it? How can we find out what went wrong, what went wrong and why it went wrong it?

Repair 'update information is outdated' error

Discussed here 'solutions' may be useful for these versions of Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04,12.04. You have to do is just open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), then use the following command:

sudo apt-get update
Wait for the command to complete, and then see the results. Here insert quick tips, you can add a notification to the terminal, it will notify you when this time-consuming when a very long end of the command execution. In the last few lines of the command, you can see your system is facing what kind of error. Yes, you will definitely see an error.

I am here, I saw the famous GPG error: The following could not be verified error. Obviously, some problems in the installation of sound Happening in Ubuntu 15.04.

You are likely to see is not like me GPG error, in that case, I suggest you read this article I write in a variety of common repair Ubuntu update errors.

I know that many people, especially beginners, it is very annoying command line, but if you're using Linux, you will inevitably use to the terminal. Moreover, the thing did not you think so terrible. Try it, you will soon get started.

I hope this quick tip for you fix the Ubuntu "update information is outdated" error helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to put forward, we would welcome.
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