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  Ubuntu 14.04 forget solution root password
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Computer useless over 20 days, forget Ubuntu 14.04 root password, here is the Internet to find a solution, and the other probably also the same. Because some of the gaps, did not give me solve the problem. By analyzing the final problem is solved, the solution is now recorded at key points. Hoping to facilitate others.

1. Power (not installed virtual machine, cell phone shot this picture improvise to see):

2. At this time there will be an option: Advanced Options for Ubuntu, select Enter directly

3. When you see there are a lot of options, check back with the recovery mode option (Do not Enter!), Press the letter e

Pick any one behind the recovery mode on it, but the best choice for high version of that. In fact, you can also direct the transport, description will be given later.

4. The critical moment arrived, fourth from the bottom line, you'll see a line linux /boot/vm.......ro recovery \ nomodeset,

step 1: Remove recovery \ nomodeset

step 2: add this line at the end of the quiet splash rw init = / bin / bash

These settings are not necessary, if we want to change here, put into the ro rw it. If mounted usr is a separate partition, but may be given after this modification. Because the recovery mode is only mount the root partition.

5. Press F10, to start.

6. If you will not accidentally enter the system, enter: passwd, the system will prompt you to enter a new password, end.

This practice law so that it is possible, but on my machine is so bad. According to my instructions marked red engage, step 6 should be another way in.

6. Select the root drop to root shell prompt in the recovery menu, and then press Enter

7. enter the shell interface, use the passwd command to set a new password: passwd

passwd command may also be found. This is because the passwd command in the / usr / bin, if mounted usr is a separate partition, as this partition is not mounted carrier recovery mode command can not find the cause passwd. The solution is to re-mount the usr partition. We can all partitions are mounted together, or use the cat command to view the / etc / fstab [and / etc / mstab (this should not need to see)] to find the mount point for the usr partition, and then use the mount command to mount. You can then execute the passwd command.

8. Enter the new password, enter the new password again, see password updated successfully is successful

If step 4, did not change ro rw, where there will be authentication token manipulation error, it is because the disk is mounted read-only, you need to use the command "mount -o rw, remount /" to remount the root partition upload a read-write mode.
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