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  Ubuntu 14.04 installed NVIDIA graphics driver
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Download graphics driver

Nvidia to enter the official website to find the corresponding GTX 750 graphics Linux 64-bit driver, and then download
Click on the download link and found that the browser has been loaded * .run files are loaded long finish. In this case the browser address bar address Copy down, and then enter the Baidu network disk, offline download, and then Paste the URL, wait a moment, the download is complete (in fact .run file is over 70 MB file, no wonder the browser to load faster to stuck);
Then on the simple, direct download to the hard disk drive can be
Install the driver

Because it is a new installation of the operating system and does not have an open source version of the NVIDIA driver, so the following official drivers can be installed directly

First make sure the downloaded files in the / home / user directory, of course, be other directories;
Next, the driver for the NVIDIA ** run add executable permissions:. Sudo chmod + x NVIDIA ** run
Close X-Window, is very simple: sudo service lightdm stop, then switch to tty1: Ctrl + Alt + F1 to
In pure character interface, user login;
The next step is the most crucial step: sudo ./NVIDIA.run start the installation, the installation process is relatively fast, follow the prompts to select
After the final installation is complete, restart the X-Window: sudo service lightdm start, then Ctrl + Alt + F7 to enter the graphical interface;
In this case, can be found in Ubuntu already installed Apps in NVIDIA X Server Settings software, you can view GPU0 is GeForce GTX 750, so far, the graphics driver installed.
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