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  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS compiler installation R Source Code
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  After the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, immediately reinstall the system. As a pseudo-statistical enthusiasts have installed software R ...
Then ctrl + alt + T to open the terminal and type

sudo apt-get install R-base-core

.... Then habitually enter ...


... I went, I was surprised

R version 3.0.2 (2013-09-25) - "Frisbee Sailing"
Copyright (C) 2013 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Platform: i686-pc-linux-gnu (32-bit)

R's official website have been updated to 3.1.1, and it actually still in 3.0.2, this obsessive-compulsive disorder, can not endure, and many need the latest version of the package can.
Ever .... Open the closest mirror Download Source ..
This is R-3.1.1 of the source code. Download, unzip unzip command .... hey ... or their own Baidu also drag into
Then the following procedure is compiled and installed.
Source installation generally consists of three steps: Configure (configure), compiling (make), installation (make install)

1. Configuration
cd cut to the source folder, enter

./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib

Wherein /home/pc/program/R-3.1.1 is the path to which you want to install.
Some say the Internet will prompt here
"Configure: error: No F77 compiler found"

The reason is not installed gfortran, can perform
sudo apt-get install gfortran

Install it.
My tips are
configure: error: --with-x = yes (default) and X11 headers / libs are not available
Then try to perform
./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib --with-readline = no --with-x = no
In this case not being given, but if this is installed, it may end up and down keys can not identify the problem does not give the command history can install the following dependencies
sudo apt-get install libreadline6-dev

sudo apt-get install libxt-dev
Then it should
./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib

But there will be a lot of warning .... similar to the following:

configure: WARNING: you can not build DVI versions of the R manuals

configure: WARNING: you can not build DVI versions of all the help pages

configure: WARNING: you can not build info or HTML versions of the R manuals

configure: WARNING: you can not build PDF versions of the R manuals

configure: WARNING: you can not build PDF versions of all the help pages
This is very simple, do not translate .... for the simple reason that there is no build tools and build dependent packages chant.
But which packages specific needs ... This makes it urgent to catch ....
So Google, the search network CRAN official documents, found in this position to have such a presence, this passage is to say :( space constraints, only the most critical part of the interception)

To make these (with 'fullrefman' rather than 'refman'), use
make pdf to create PDF versionsmake info to create info files (not 'refman' nor 'fullrefman').
You will not be able to build any of these unless you havemakeinfo version 4.7 or later installed, and for PDF you must have texi2dvi and texinfo.tex installed (which are partof the GNU texinfo distribution but are, especiallytexinfo.tex, often made part of the TeX package inre-distributions).
The PDF versions can be viewed using any recent PDF viewer:. They havehyperlinks that can be followed The info files are suitable forreading online with Emacs or the standalone GNU infoprogram The PDF versions will be created using the paper size selectedat configuration (default ISO a4. ):. this can be overridden by settingR_PAPERSIZEon the make command line, or setting R_PAPERSIZE in theenvironment and using make -e (If re-making the manuals fora different paper size, you should first delete the filedoc / manual / version.texi The. usual value for North America wouldbe 'letter'.)

So, let us look at this makeinfo, textinfo and texinfo.tex,
sudo apt-get install makeinfo .. prompt did not find the package,
sudo apt-get install texinfo

This package has a name, the end of the installation input terminal
makeinfo --help

Only to find, texinfo includes makeinfo, you might think that this can, and finally compiled the document, perhaps you can, of course, before I reinstall the system can also be ....
Performed again
./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib
configure: WARNING: you can not build PDF versions of the R manuals

configure: WARNING: you can not build PDF versions of vignettes and help pages
Table I feel not pretend I was very calm.
Again look at the part of the English, indeed yes ah, the compiler needs texi2dvi pdf, but texi2dvi in the texinfo,
Then I performed a bit unhappy
texi2dvi --help
Tip is to say:
You do not have a working TeX binary installed, but the texi2dvi script

can not proceed without it. If you want to use this script, you have to

install some kind of TeX, for example TeX Live Debian packages. You can do

that with this command:

      apt-get install texlive
I ... Oh, the last installed texlive not compile Chinese question put to death ,,, but I do still have to be compiled at least safety ah English ....
After installation texlive, and then re-run
./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib
Suggested as follows:
configure: WARNING: neither inconsolata.sty nor zi4.sty found: PDF vignettes and package manuals will not be rendered optimally
I know a little latex should be able to see it, and are latex inconsolata.sty zi4.sty package
It should be installed on a can, and tried it really the case.
In CTAN search inconsolata, found Download inconsolata package

After texlive default installation location sty storage location: / usr / share / texlive / texmf-dist / tex / latex
The above downloaded zip package unzip the entire folder into the directory, you need sudo permission to move to the directory, if the command is not good, you can do
sudo nautilus
Open File Manager in the pop-up in the archive dragged into this pop-filer above directory.
Then refresh sty like.
sudo mktexlsr
sudo texhash
Then execute at this time
./configure --prefix = / home / pc / program / R-3.1.1 --enable-R-shlib
Finally, everything goes !!!! decision:
R is now configured for i686-pc-linux-gnu


  Source directory:.

  Installation directory: /home/pc/program/R-3.1.1


  C compiler: gcc -std = gnu99 -g -O2

  Fortran 77 compiler: gfortran -g -O2


  C ++ compiler: g ++ -g -O2

  C ++ 11 compiler: g ++ -std = c ++ 11 -g -O2

  Fortran 90/95 compiler: gfortran -g -O2

  Obj-C compiler:


Interfaces supported:

External libraries:

Additional capabilities: PNG, JPEG, NLS

Options enabled: shared R library, shared BLAS, R profiling

Recommended packages: yes

2. Compile
Then wait a little longer ... this ...
3. Install
make install

Note: The above command to perform most need to be performed under the R source folder directory of course, if the working directory remains in the source directory, it is also possible.
Final fruition.
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