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  Ubuntu 14.04 next upgrade to GNOME 3.12
  Add Date : 2017-03-08      
  If your system has been recently upgraded to Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS version, has a stable independent of GNOME Shell is undoubtedly your best choice

But I think the more conservative users tend to select the default stable version provided to beginners. You really want to learn how to upgrade Ubuntu14.04 GNOME 3.12 it?

Okay, then I'll show you how to complete. First, we need to first understand the ins and outs.

Reason defaults to GNOME 3.10

GNOME 3.12 at the end of March after the release caused a stir and comments on these ideas. Despite its version released last month before Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version has gradually stabilized, but still can not be installed directly from 14.04 package, which is why?

In simple terms it appears too late in the development cycle that do not have enough time to review it, test it and make sure that the command has been updated to LTS release supports standards and user expectations. Legacy default to release 3.10 is significant because there are specific plans to ensure test integrity.

So, because this is not recommended to upgrade to GNOME 3.12.

So clear? Next, let's move on to the next stage.

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 GNOME 3.12

Make sure you are running GNOME version 3.10

To ensure proper compliance with this wizard, you need to continue to operate in the latest version of Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) or under Ubuntu GNOME. If not the latest version, please stop operation; you need to upgrade before continuing. If you do not, then there will be a series of complex and troublesome things need to be addressed.

If you are running Ubuntu regular version (for example with Unity), then you need to start before the following steps to install from the Ubuntu Software Center GNOME 3.10.

Follow the links on the following options given good installer.

[Installed by Ubuntu14.04LTS version GNOME3.10]
Increase GNOME 3.12 PPA

At first people it envisioned that GNOME 3.12 with 14.04 LTS will be posted by the standard GNOME Team PPA. But three weeks later, but nothing. This is because some small 3.10 package still does not follow the latest 3.12 release package.

However, GNOME Team Staging PPA does cover upgrade version 3.12 to use a variety of packages. Developers stressed that this archive will increase desktop systems 'running smoothly', but not now included in the package 'is ready for public use.'

Here we assume that you are an expert in a PPA cleaning tools, all of the above are clear, continue downward. First, let's check and installation has released an update:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
After pressing Enter Wait for the installation package program.

Upon completion of this process, or no longer any pending updates, you can increase the GNOME Team Staging PPA. To achieve this, open a new command line window, enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: gnome3-team / gnome3-staging
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Need to enter the password before beginning the upgrade process, also need to pay attention to this procedure in the command line prompt. If all goes click 'y' key to confirm the installation.

Additional Content

GNOME environment to experience the true perhaps you want to get some new GNOME applications, for example, Polari IRC client, GNOME maps and GNOME web browser. Install all three applications need to run the following command:

sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser gnome-maps polari -y
After these are installed, you can safely restart!

Care services

log in

If before you use Unity, Xfce or any other desktop environment, do not forget to pre-select GNOME login session from the login screen.


For myself, running under Ubuntu 14.04 GNOME 3.12 is very smooth. Without any problem such as performance degradation after the upgrade, even though I did seen in the active window when you open the strange rare display, and place in an application under intermittent shadows disappear phenomenon. But with the continuous elimination of these errors are not a big problem.

3.12 version of performance equivalent to GNOME3.10; Open interactive experience and strong and no significant drop in applications.

All new GNOME audio and video applications on PPA and no ready-made package, which was a bit disappointing. Of course, reason to explain this (most likely require a new version of the video decoder). Further still note that some of GNOME expansion pack can not continue to work after the upgrade.

Of course, because of lack of testing 3.12, where there is an error is inevitable. If the user requires stability (or want to maintain a high degree of unity and integrity of the system at work), you can continue to support GNOME 3.10 version has passed the test.

Fell to 3.10 from GNOME 3.12 release

But if you want to experience the shining light of new features and the latest release of GNOME applications, it would give it a try PPA platform. If you encounter an error you can always use the PPA Cleanup tool to downgrade to the stable version.

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

sudo ppa-purge ppa: gnome3-team / gnome3-staging
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