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  Ubuntu 14.04 Nvidia proprietary drivers for install two graphic cards
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Nvidia nvidia-prime by now has support in nvidia-settings in manual dual graphics switching, such as switching from Nvidia performance mode for the Intel power-saving mode.

Ubuntu restricted proprietary driver library included in the official Nvidia graphics drivers, we can easily use apt-get or graphical Ubuntu 14.04 Software Center to install:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings nvidia-prime

Like with Windows, install the graphics driver need to restart to take effect.

Nvidia's official website also provides a Linux driver installer, such as for 64-bit latest stable version of Linux 331:
But personally I recommend the direct use of apt-get install, apt-get will automatically select the 32-bit or 64-bit drive according to the type of system, and restricted Curry drivers generally have been tested Ubuntu, relatively more stable, the operation more convenient.

Shortcut Nvidia graphics card nvidia-settings control panel located /usr/share/applications/nvidia-settings.desktop
You can link to a desktop facilitate graphics settings.
You can also go directly Alt + F2 run nvidia-settings Open the Control Panel, for example, to view the graphics card temperature at Thermal Settings, perform video switching in PRIME Profiles.
With nvidia-prime, you do not need a bumblebee, the official Nvidia nvidia-settings control panel where you can switch graphics, very convenient.

When I open the Nvidia graphics card GPU temperature was 40 C, CPU temperature of 41 C

When not playing large-scale 3D games or watching high-definition video is not recommended that you switch from "Nvidia performance mode" for the "Intel power-saving mode."
Under Intel power-saving mode automatically turns off Nvidia graphics card, in order to achieve energy saving. In addition to Intel itself has a good core was hardware acceleration, you can usually use Intel core was.
Such as Jingdong million on this MacBook is only equipped with a i5 and use Intel's CPU core was Iris Graphics hardware acceleration.
Also a lot of super present only equipped with Intel low-voltage version of the processor and use the built-in HD Graphics.
Intel has put its graphics driver integrated into the Linux kernel project, so no additional installation Intel graphics drivers, out of the box.
If you do not need long-term use alone, you can boot into the BIOS by the Graphic Mode Switchable to disable Integrated significant independence.

PS: You can also install VirtualGL be glxspheres hardware acceleration test.
For example, download the 64-bit Deb package, run after installing / opt / VirtualGL / bin / glxspheres64 can be tested.
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