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  Ubuntu 14.04 Solution login interface infinite loop
  Add Date : 2017-03-23      
  In Ubuntu when configuring the Android environment, imagine Windows, as in the terminal start directly adb, that Linux and Windows as add adb path to the environment variable, so the adb path also export to / etc / profile in can cup, reboot the system, the login screen infinite loop, searching for information by the parties to find a solution.

Methods are as follows:

1. Go to the login interface, no password, press Ctrl + Alt + F1 (F1 ~ F6 heard will do)

2. Go to the ubuntu command line interface, enter the user name Enter, and then enter the password Enter (pure novice, do not understand, straight password habits, and toss for a long time)

3.1 Input sudo vi / etc / profile, open the profile file, delete unnecessary statement, enter: wq Enter Save, enter sudo reboot restart.


3.2 Another method:

In desktop operation

Enter the command line interface, losers user name and password;

Enter startx, entered the desktop interface, use Alt + T to open the terminal and type sudo gedit / etc / profile editing environment variable in the terminal, the excess sentence deleted, turn off after save point, enter sudo reboot to restart the terminal.


Enter a password in the login screen on OK.
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