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  Ubuntu ADSL dial-up Internet access
  Add Date : 2016-10-12      
  I have been home wireless wifi Internet access ADSL, recently spent a long time NetGear wireless router is ruined me, have had to use a cable.

In Ubuntu Linux also can be used directly ADSL dial-up Internet access.

1, connected devices

This is nothing more to say, generally Unicom site service. Unicom ADSL telephone line connection cat ADSL port, any computer connected to a LAN port.

2, edit the connection

Click on the Network Connections icon on the taskbar tray area -> Edit Connection, open the "Network Connections" dialog box

3, the new DSL connection

Enter Unicom assigned user name and password, click "Save".

4, dial

Click on the taskbar tray area network connection icon -> DSL connection 2, wait a moment, if dialing is successful, the successful connection message is displayed. Open the browser to the Internet.

Above is provided on the Ubuntu 12.04 test.
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