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  Ubuntu buffalo wzr-hp-300nh brush DD-WRT router system
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  A friend sent a WZR-HP-300NH of buffalo router, but the system is painted openwrt, and does not know the administrator account password = =. . . Brush openwrt system, restore factory settings button buffalo router has failed, it is estimated that compatibility issues openwrt system, only to find ways to re-brush under the system.

On google to find the next tftp brush machine tutorial, originally I thought it was a very simple matter, the result was frustrating for several days. Here is my test successful methods:

What You Need: a PC (I use Ubuntu system), a network cable, buffalo router, another router or switch (I use Tenda router).

1, into Ubuntu, download a good system to brush machine package, much deliberation or Quguan the DD-WRT website to download packages to brush system, the link address: http: //www.buffalotech.com/support-and-downloads/downloads , but the download speed is very slow.

2, the buffalo router with a network cable to connect to other switches or routers, I was using before Tenda router has been in use (use for a long time is not very stable, so electronic products, do not Tucao). For the convenience of explanation, the direct use of Tenda router to show with buffalo router make a difference.

3, PC connected Tenda router (wifi or cable can be), log router Tenda, Tenda router LAN segments will be adjusted to the 192.168.11.xxx segment, assign fixed ip to buffalo router, assign fixed ip 192.168 .11.2 to the PC.

4 into Ubuntu, use the following command to add buffalo router information on the cache list arp Ubuntu:

sudo arp -s xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx

Where xx: xx: xx: xx: xx: xx for the mac address of the router buffalo, buffalo on the label can be found behind the router. arp is ARP, you can send a message when the mac ip address resolves to a physical address.

5, install tftp package in Ubuntu terminal, use the following command to install:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tftp-hpa

6, delivery system package uses tftp command:


tftp> verbose
tftp> binary
tftp> trace
tftp> rexmt 1
tftp> timeout 60
tftp> put wzrhpg300nh-pro-v24sp2-14998b.enc

The last parameter is the file name of the command put the system package. After executing this command, tftp will start looking for the target machine package delivery system, if the target machine is not responding, after 60 seconds it will display the timeout. So after executing this command, you must immediately restart buffalo route to power. buffalo only a few seconds after power-up in order to receive the transmission system tftp package and reinstall the system, missed this time will automatically enter the original system. In the process of packet transmission system, the data will be displayed on the terminal tftp transmission of data packets, the transmission will be displayed after the success of the transfer is complete. This time, buffalo router now update your system, diag red buffalo routers will start flashing, this process can take several minutes or even ten minutes. Patience red light stops flashing, the system reinstall Well, buffalo will automatically restart.

After the restart, connect the network cable to the computer routing buffalo, buffalo will be able to access the router via in the browser address. The first visit will be to enter the account and password settings interface, set up your own account name and password, after which you can enter buffalo router setup interface, and brush buffalo router system ends.

Brush the entire process is the most important system or switch to another router (above Tenda router) assign a fixed ip address. Before most of the tutorials found on the Internet are the first step to install tftp tools, network cable directly connected to the computer and the router, set up computer networks and IP, and then use the tftp tool package to the transmission system buffalo buffalo router. Process tftp packet transmission system to be pinch quasi-time for buffalo power restart, some say 10 seconds, some say 10 seconds. . . Feeling too do not fly, but the methods I have not succeeded. Basically after the instruction completes the tftp put out and the connection is not on buffalo router. My guess is that under the buffalo router restart after a power outage may receive tftp data pattern, pc machine does not correctly assigned ip router to buffalo. Wait until the pc network ip allocation succeeds, the buffalo has switched to receive mode tftp data, normal access to the current system buffalo router. So use another switch or router forcibly assigned a fixed ip assigned to the router to ensure that buffalo in off the restart process ip unchanged.
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