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  Ubuntu comes with gedit editor to add Markdown preview widget
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  Gedit install Markdown Preview

Ubuntu comes with gedit editor also has a very powerful feature, and support the installation of plug-ins. For those who prefer to use Markdown me, which of course is a very good, gedit itself supports Markdown syntax highlighting, plus preview it was perfect, Markdown Preview plug-in on a good solution to this problem, It allows us to be able to preview the current window.

System Version: Ubuntu Kylin 15.04

gedit Version: 3.10.4

Markdown preview version: 2

1. In accordance with their own version of gedit to download the corresponding file, gedit3.8 or later you can go to the following links to download

Download the archive of gedit-markdown v2.
2. Unzip the file

3. Open a terminal in the extracted folder, enter the following command to install

./gedit-markdown.sh install

Uninstall command as follows:

./gedit-markdown.sh uninstall

4. Complete the installation ..

5.gedit default can not afford to use plug-in, so we're going to Edit> Preferences> Plug-Markdown Preview plug-in is enabled, you can restart gedit.

6. When we edit Markdown document, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M to preview, and if not, please preview Ctrl + Alt + V to switch to a display panel Markdown Preview

7.Markdown Preview display panel can be set to display the sidebar or the bottom of the display panel, interpreted as follows:
open a file

$ HOME / user / .config / gedit / gedit-markdown.ini

Modify the line

Panel = bottom

user for your username

Panel = bottom; the bottom of the display panel

Panel = side; sidebar display

Of course, we can also modify the familiar keyboard shortcuts in the configuration file


Q: Can not enable Markdown Preview plug-in, plug-in display can not be loaded
A: Please check the package python3-markdown is installed, if your system version is Ubuntu 11.10 or higher, you also need to install gir1.2-webkit-3.0 after the installation is complete, restart gedit can. Restart gedit no avail In some cases, you need to reboot the system to take effect.

More functions and settings please read the compressed package file READE.md
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