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  Ubuntu install Eclipse for C / C ++ and related configuration
  Add Date : 2016-05-11      
  Ubuntu install Eclipse for C / C ++ and related configuration

1, the installation JDK:

sudo apt-get install aptitude

sudo aptitude search openjava

sudo aptitude install openjdk-7-jdk

Then enter: java -version; javac -version test can determine whether the installation was successful.

2, go to the official website to download Eclipse Eclipse (eclipse-cpp-mars-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz), then extract:

tar -xzf eclipse-cpp-mars-R-linux-gtk.tar.gz -C ~ /

3, create a shortcut: Right Eclipse executable file, click Create Shortcut, and then place a shortcut to the desktop.

4, installation CDT (this step can be skipped):

Method 1) to Eclips official download CDT, then extract to Eclipse directory.

Method 2) in help-> software updates-> find and install ..., select the search for new features to install, and then click the new remote site button, add the following address: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/ cdt / releases / 8.7, then select it, eclipse will come to this address to find new cdt, wait a minute, are listed cdt version, select the date, then all the way next, it will begin to download and install from the Internet, install after you are prompted to restart eclipse.

5, the test Eclipse: write a Hello world program can be tested.

Configuration-related issues:

Font Review:

Into the left side of the tree structure select General-> Appearance-> Colors and Fonts or directly in the search box, enter Colors select Colors and Fonts,

Colors and Fonts box in the interface can be seen in a variety of formats Text Font settings, set base under selection, click on the Edit button on the right side, you can open the format edit box, select the desired format style, click OK to .

Eclipse localization methods:

Installing the language packs

Open the install wizard with 'Help'> 'Install new software ...'
Add the Babel p2 repository: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/babel/update-site/R0.13.0/mars
Select / install your language pack of choice
Restart Eclipse and you should get a translated Eclipse
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