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  Ubuntu install perfectly handsome terminal Guake 0.8.1
  Add Date : 2016-04-30      
  As a Linux user, if you do not use the terminal, will be a lot less fun, a lot of problems related to the use of the terminal will be solved, and you will find the command line is so powerful, Guake applied Gnome environment is a drop-down terminals, mainly by using some Python and C language to GPL2 + license for Linux as well as class Unix, Guake inspired by the computer game Quake in the terminal, the terminal Quake default by pressing F12 change from the screen slides up and down .

Guake terminal features:

Simple and elegant
Functional components
Powerful, beautiful
Terminal smoothly integrated into the GUI
After pressing a predefined hotkey appearance / disappearance
It supports hotkeys, labels, transparent backgrounds for all Gnome users
You can configure various aspects
Including a large color palette
Setting shortcut transparency
By Guake can run a script at startup
Can run on one or more displays
The latest version has Guake 0.8.1 PPA available for installation, the system comes with open terminal, enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: webupd8team / unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install guake
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