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  Ubuntu Linux Change the PATH
  Add Date : 2017-01-08      
  1. What is the environment variable (PATH)

In Linux, when you execute the command, the system according to the PATH settings to each PATH defined path search execution file, first search for the file to be executed.

We know full file ls command to view file properties named: / bin / ls (This is the absolute path), then you will not feel very strange: "Why? I can execute / bin / ls this directive anywhere yet." Why should I enter ls in any directory will be able to show some of the messages and do not speak you can not find the / bin / ls command it? This is because the PATH environment variable due to the help it!

When we execute an instruction in Qie time, for example, "ls" Well, the system will go to search for files in the PATH defined directory for each executable file named ls in accordance with the PATH setting, if the directory in the PATH defined executable file containing multiple files named ls, then first find Qie first instruction is executed with the same name!

2, how to change the PATH

. A value directly modify the $ PATH:

echo $ PATH // view the current configuration of the PATH

export PATH = $ PATH: / xxx / xxx // will be added to $ PATH path must be configured on both sides of the equal sign must not have spaces

After the first sentence // configuration can command to view the configuration.

The method of entry into force: immediately

Expiration date: temporary change, only valid in the current terminal window, the current window is closed will be restored after the original path configuration

User limitations: only the current user

b. By modifying .bashrc file :(. bashrc file in the root directory)

vi .bashrc // edit .bashrc file

// Add the last line:

export PATH = $ PATH: / xxx / xxx /// xxx / xxx bit need to add an environment variable equal on both sides did not address spaces

:( There are two methods to take effect)

.. Close the current terminal window and re-open a new terminal window will be able to take effect

.. Enter the "source .bashrc" command, effective immediately

Effective period: permanent

User limitations: only the current user


c by modifying the profile document:. (profile files in the / etc directory)

vi / etc / profile // edit profile file

// Add the last line:

export PATH = $ PATH: / xxx / xxx

The method of entry into force: the system is restarted

Effective period: permanent

User limitations: for all users

d by modifying the environment file:. (environment file in the / etc directory)

vi / etc / profile // edit profile file

Join the PATH = / ········· in ": / xxx / xxx"

The method of entry into force: the system is restarted

Effective period: permanent

User limitations: for all users
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