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  Ubuntu Linux installation GAMIT10.6
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  1: Install the environment, into the Ubuntu Software Center search libx11, gfortran, gcc, csh, tcsh and installation.

2: Get root privileges: Open a command line: ctrl + alt + t

Enter sudo passwd and enter the password twice, this is the edited root password.

Then enter su root

Enter the edited root password to gain root privileges up.

3: Copy gamit10.6 to under / opt file under root privileges using the command:

cp -r / home / wfy / Desktop /10.6 / opt

4: Go to File 10.6: cd /opt/10.6 install_software assigned to execute permissions,

chmod 777 ./ install_software

5: Run the install script ./ install_software

During the installation process encountered all y / n question, always choose y

6: After installation fails, edit opt / gamit10.5 / libraries in the Makefile.config file in the root authority enter: gedit opt / gamit10.5 / libraries / Makefile.config

Amendment 4 places:


Remove these two lines / x11

Second: Modify the last two into 13 252 880 5760 changed

Third: Enter the uname -a (note the space), you can view information about the current system. For example, the operating system version number is: 3.16.0-23; however gamit, only record the operating system version number before 4, so in this case the version number should be written as: 3111; search OS_ID Linux, find there will be 3953 to position 3111 of the PC version

Under Ubuntu Linux installation GAMIT10.6

Fourth, if your computer is 32, then the file must all m64 to m32, m64 /opt/10.6/gamit/solve/Makefile.generic In addition, all of the files have changed m32.

7, re-enter the installation ./install_software

8. After a successful installation into the root file cd / root and then list all the files: ls -a then edit the file .bashrc gedit .bashrc finally add the following two lines, and then log off it, again into the root privileges, enter doy, if there is help , the installation was successful.

expot PATH = "$ PATH: /opt/10.6/gamit/bin: /opt/10.6/com: /opt/10.6/kf/bin"

export HELP_DIR = / opt / 10.6 / help /
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