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  Ubuntu Live CD by updating Grub resume boot the Boot Menu
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Work to replace the motherboard, but do not want to reinstall the computer. How to do it? In fact, do not need to reinstall the computer, you only need to reply boot menu.

1. First use u disk production of a Ubuntu live CD, then start by u disk, select try ubuntu, live CD into the system

2. Then you need to determine the / boot partition alone whether, in general, is not a separate partition, if you do not know, you can look through the live CD in the GPartion program at your boot where, as shown below, my There is no separate boot partition, / dev / sdb1

3a. / Boot partition is no separate case.

In this case, first by Gpartition view partition contents to determine the primary partition, ie /, in which partition, for example, I was in / dev / sdb1, the next step is to mount the partition

First mount the root directory

sudo su
mount / dev / sdb1 / mnt
Next, some of the required directory "bound to" live CD system up

mount --bind / dev / mnt / dev
mount --bind / proc / mnt / proc
mount --bind / sys / mnt / sys
Finally, switch to root root directory / mnt

chroot / mnt
So we switch back to our original system, and perform update-grub to update the boot

sudo update-grub
Not surprisingly, then restarting it into the system

3b. / Boot partition alone

In this case, only early mount / mnt, the more or less mount / boot partition can be

sudo su
mount / dev / sdb1 / mnt
mkdir / mnt / boot
mount / dev / sdxy / mnt / boot
Note sdxy is partition / boot is located. Other procedures were the same / boot partition is not the same individual.


Since I use the GTX 670 graphics card from the board to the PCI-E slot where to start, so after the startup boot repair, found only in the flashing cursor. This is usually a problem that is related to the graphics driver settings.

After the first choice back to integrated graphics from Intel start, successfully entered the system and uninstall the driver and re-install the driver, related settings, for proper use.
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