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  Ubuntu manually set the DSL broadband connection
  Add Date : 2016-11-14      
  After installing Ubuntu, I found that regardless of the DSL connection with a graphical interface, and depressed for several days, think of mobile traffic per month 120 hours Qibushibai white wasted. Just when I think back to the Windows system, but found a good way to manually set the DSL connection, the following talk about detailed approach.

0x00: Install pppoeconf

sudo apt-get install pppoeconf

0x01: Start manual settings

sudo pppoeconf

After opening see the following interface:

1. detect all NICs

2. Modify common options

3. Enter the DSL user name

4. Enter the DSL password

5. Configure DNS: Use DNS ISP provided

6. Start to use DSL network it? (My choice is to manually connect, to connect to God when God code code when connected)

7. Now started DSL connection?

8. You can use the "plog" command to view status

9. The successful connection of information: Plugin rp-pppoe.so loaded

0x02: Basic Operation

1. Manual connection:

pon dsl-provider

2. Manual Disconnect:

poff dsl-provider

3. Check the status:

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