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  Ubuntu resolve sudo: source: command not found error
  Add Date : 2017-05-23      
  Execute the following command on Ubuntu Server, you can see the default open file limit of 1024.

$ Ulimit -n


Edit / etc / profile configuration file, add a line at the end:

ulimit -SHn 65535

Let the configuration to take effect:

$ Sudo source / etc / profile

sudo: source: command not found

We direct execution ulimit -SHn 65535 command what will happen?

$ Ulimit -SHn 65535

-bash: ulimit: open files: can not modify limit: Operation not permitted

$ Sudo ulimit -SHn 65535

sudo: ulimit: command not found

But can not find the command prompt, and how to solve this problem after the ordinary user to obtain root privileges?

$ Sudo -s

# Source / etc / profile

Execute ulimit again, we can see that limit the number of open files has been changed to the 65535.

# Ulimit -n

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