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  Ubuntu server 8.04 Firewall Guide
  Add Date : 2017-08-31      
  Create a tool for host-based iptables firewall configuration. This tool should provide an easy to use interface to the user, as well as support package integration and dynamic-detection of open ports.
Install UFW in Ubuntu
Currently this firewall package is available in Ubuntu 8.04
sudo apt-get install ufw
This will complete the installation
Turn firewall on and off ( 'disable' is default ACCEPT)
# Ufw enable | disable
Toggle logging
# Ufw logging on | off
Set the default policy (ie "mostly open" vs "mostly closed")
# Ufw default allow | deny
Accept or drop incoming packets to (can see what services are available with 'status' (see below)) can be specified via service name in / etc / services,..' Protocol: port ', or via package meta-data' allow 'adds service entry to / etc / ufw / maps and' deny 'removes service entry from / etc / ufw / maps Basic syntax.:
# Ufw allow | deny [service]
Display status of firewall and ports in the listening state, referencing / var / lib / ufw / maps. Numbers in parenthesis are not displayed to user
# Ufw status

UFW Examples

Allow port 53
$ Sudo ufw allow 53
Delete Allow port 53
$ Sudo ufw delete allow 53
Allow port 80
$ Sudo ufw allow 80 / tcp
Delete Allow port 80
$ Sudo ufw delete allow 80 / tcp
Allow port smtp
$ Sudo ufw allow smtp
Delete Allow port smtp
$ Sudo ufw delete allow smtp
Allow fro Particular IP
$ Sudo ufw allow from
Delete the above rule
$ Sudo ufw delete allow from
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