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  Ubuntu Server security risk checks
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  $ Sudo apt-get install rkhunter

$ Sudo rkhunter --check

$ Sudo rkhunter --check
[Rootkit Hunter version 1.3.0]

Checking system commands ...

Performing 'strings' command checks
Checking 'strings' command [OK]

Performing 'shared libraries' checks
Checking for preloading variables [None found]
Checking for preload file [Not found]
Checking LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable [Not found]

Performing file properties checks
Checking for prerequisites [OK]
/ Bin / bash [OK]
/ Bin / cat [OK]
/ Bin / chmod [OK]
/ Bin / chown [OK]
/ Bin / cp [OK]

Here omitted several over Baidu article length limit ........
/ Usr / sbin / adduser [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / chroot [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / cron [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / groupadd [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / groupdel [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / groupmod [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / grpck [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / nologin [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / pwck [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / tcpd [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / useradd [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / userdel [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / usermod [OK]
/ Usr / sbin / vipw [OK]

[Press < ENTER> to continue]

Checking for rootkits ...

Performing check of known rootkit files and directories
55808 Trojan - Variant A [Not found]
ADM Worm [Not found]
AjaKit Rootkit [Not found]
aPa Kit [Not found]
Apache Worm [Not found]
Ambient (ark) Rootkit [Not found]
Balaur Rootkit [Not found]
BeastKit Rootkit [Not found]
beX2 Rootkit [Not found]
BOBKit Rootkit [Not found]
CiNIK Worm (Slapper.B variant) [Not found]
Danny-Boy's Abuse Kit [Not found]
Devil RootKit [Not found]
Dica-Kit Rootkit [Not found]
Dreams Rootkit [Not found]
Duarawkz Rootkit [Not found]
Enye LKM [Not found]
Flea Linux Rootkit [Not found]
FreeBSD Rootkit [Not found]
Fuck`it Rootkit [Not found]
GasKit Rootkit [Not found]
Heroin LKM [Not found]
HjC Kit [Not found]
ignoKit Rootkit [Not found]
ImperalsS-FBRK Rootkit [Not found]
Irix Rootkit [Not found]
Kitko Rootkit [Not found]
Knark Rootkit [Not found]
Li0n Worm [Not found]
Lockit / LJK2 Rootkit [Not found]
Mood-NT Rootkit [Not found]
MRK Rootkit [Not found]
Ni0 Rootkit [Not found]
Ohhara Rootkit [Not found]
Optic Kit (Tux) Worm [Not found]
Oz Rootkit [Not found]
Phalanx Rootkit [Not found]
Phalanx Rootkit (strings) [Not found]
Portacelo Rootkit [Not found]
R3dstorm Toolkit [Not found]
RH-Sharpe's Rootkit [Not found]
RSHA's Rootkit [Not found]
Scalper Worm [Not found]
Sebek LKM [Not found]
Shutdown Rootkit [Not found]
SHV4 Rootkit [Not found]
SHV5 Rootkit [Not found]
Sin Rootkit [Not found]
Slapper Worm [Not found]
Sneakin Rootkit [Not found]
Suckit Rootkit [Not found]
SunOS Rootkit [Not found]
SunOS / NSDAP Rootkit [Not found]
Superkit Rootkit [Not found]
TBD (Telnet BackDoor) [Not found]
TeLeKiT Rootkit [Not found]
T0rn Rootkit [Not found]
Trojanit Kit [Not found]
Tuxtendo Rootkit [Not found]
URK Rootkit [Not found]
VcKit Rootkit [Not found]
Volc Rootkit [Not found]
X-Org SunOS Rootkit [Not found]
zaRwT.KiT Rootkit [Not found]

Performing additional rootkit checks
Suckit Rookit additional checks [OK]
Checking for possible rootkit files and directories [None found]
Checking for possible rootkit strings [None found]

Performing malware checks
Checking running processes for suspicious files [None found]
Checking for login backdoors [None found]
Checking for suspicious directories [None found]
Checking for sniffer log files [None found]

Performing Linux specific checks
Checking kernel module commands [OK]
Checking kernel module names [OK]

[Press < ENTER> to continue]

Checking the network ...

Performing check for backdoor ports
Checking for UDP port 2001 [Not found]
Checking for TCP port 2006 [Not found]
Checking for TCP port 2128 [Not found]
Checking for TCP port 14856 [Not found]
Checking for TCP port 47107 [Not found]
Checking for TCP port 60922 [Not found]

Performing checks on the network interfaces
Checking for promiscuous interfaces [None found]

[Press < ENTER> to continue]

Checking the local host ...

Performing system boot checks
Checking for local host name [Found]
Checking for local startup files [Found]
Checking local startup files for malware [None found]
Checking system startup files for malware [None found]

Performing group and account checks
Checking for passwd file [Found]
Checking for root equivalent (UID 0) accounts [None found]
Checking for passwordless accounts [None found]
Checking for passwd file changes [None found]
Checking for group file changes [None found]
Checking root account shell history files [None found]

Performing system configuration file checks
Checking for SSH configuration file [Found]
Checking if SSH root access is allowed [Warning]
Checking if SSH protocol v1 is allowed [Not allowed]
Checking for running syslog daemon [Found]
Checking for syslog configuration file [Found]
Checking if syslog remote logging is allowed [Not allowed]

Performing filesystem checks
Checking / dev for suspicious file types [None found]
Checking for hidden files and directories [Warning]

[Press < ENTER> to continue]

Checking application versions ...

Checking version of Exim MTA [OK]
Checking version of GnuPG [OK]
Checking version of OpenSSH [OK]

System checks summary

File properties checks ...
Files checked: 122
Suspect files: 0

Rootkit checks ...
Rootkits checked: 110
Possible rootkits: 0

Applications checks ...
Applications checked: 3
Suspect applications: 0

The system checks took: 49 seconds

All results have been written to the logfile (/var/log/rkhunter.log)

One or more warnings have been found while checking the system.
Please check the log file (/var/log/rkhunter.log)
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