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  Ubuntu system cp: omitting directory problem
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu system cp: omitting directory`XXX 'problem-solving

When you copy a folder in the Linux system prompt as follows:

[Linuxhost @ ubuntu] # sudo cp White / usr / share / icons

cp: omitting directory `White '

Where White is what I want to copy the folder name, occurs because the warning is because there are catalog White catalog, it is not a direct copy.


Recursive copy, add -r parameter after the cp command, like this:

[Linuxhost @ ubuntu] # sudo cp -r White

Here -r recursively on behalf of the meaning.

Similarly, when we remove the directory under linux systems also need to add -r parameter, if the directory is empty, it will be deleted directly, if the directory is not empty, then cascading deletes. However, when there will be a cascade delete problem is that if the directory exists under a lot of files or subdirectories, the system prompts one by one. If you want to delete without prompting step, then you can use the rm -rf command. f is the force of meaning, representing the force delete, silent!

chmod when I wanted to give permission cascade can also use -R note the capital R
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