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  Ubuntu terminal command - see the port occupied and off
  Add Date : 2018-11-21      
  Ubuntu Check port usage, use the netstat command:

View Service port is already connected (ESTABLISHED)

netstat -a

See all service ports (LISTEN, ESTABLISHED)

netstat -ap

Check the specified port, you can combine grep command:

netstat -ap | grep 8080

  You can also use the lsof command:

lsof -i: 8888

To turn off the use of this port, the use of the corresponding pid kill +

kill -9 PID number

ps: kill a process id is to send a signal. The default signal sent is SIGTERM, the signal sent by kill -9 is SIGKILL, namely exit. exit signal is not blocked by the system, so kill -9 can successfully kill the process.
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